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Adrian Grenier’s Band Rocks Sydney


I just can’t stop laughing at these photos of Adrian Grenier rocking out on the drums as his band, The Honey Brothers, plays a gig in Sydney, Australia.

He looks so into it!

Oh, Adrian, the next time you feel the need to bang something real hard, you have my number. I’ve left it in your agent’s voicemail at least 100 times.

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  • YES!!!! i never understood the infatuation with this guy until looking at these pictures. nothing hotter than a dude genuinely feelin’ the rock an’ ROOOOLL, beh-beh… love it.

    • I’m offended! My ancestors were cave-people. Typical stereotype. Just because they have under-developed brains they can’t play musical instruments? You need sensitivity training.
      Just kidding……………funny comment.

  • I thought Madonna’s daughter had facial hair issues. Granted, on a guy it isn’t so horrific, but man those brows need attention. They connect to his temple area by even more hair. Beet call his agent and tell him you’ll pluck his hair for free…………….with your teeth. If your lucky perhaps other regions need attention as well.

  • im sure this is also his “hard poop” face as well as his ” Im a fixin ta cum” face.

  • I never know how to feel about Adrian Grenier. On the two interviews I’ve seen of him when he was in Australia, he seemed like a bit of a dick. Kinda arrogant and detached. But everyone seems to think he’s the nicest guy in the world, especially in America. And these photos definitely give him points. So, I give up. I’m going to be indifferent towards him until something sways me one way or the other.

  • hes so hairy. seriously, if this guy ever got stranded somewhere for a couple days, he’d have a full on beard when he was found.

  • I stood 2m away from him on new years eve. I breathed his air. He is just as hairy in person. And it was good.

  • ok, 2 bags on head, in case one falls off, then no shirt, only speedo, or maybe really loose fittin’ jeans. Grrrr.

  • I think he looks cute haha! so what if he’s hairy? lol geez, its like you folks think facial hair makes you diseased haha.