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Pics of Bristol Palin’s Baby Sell for $300K


People magazine won the bidding war for the first pics of Bristol Palin’s baby — for a $300K price tag, reportedly.

According to one source, bidding for the baby photos began at $100,000. People won out in the end, but In Touch was the only other weekly to make serious bids, according to several sources involved in the process.

The price didn’t soar immediately, according to the sources, because Sarah Palin stories just didn’t sell all that well for the weeklies on newsstands.

“Sarah was on the cover of People, Us Weekly, and OK! the same week, and really only People saw a bump in sales,” says a source.

The drug-related arrest of Johnston’s mother, however, caused the price tag for the photos to go up.

“The bidding started well before the baby was born, but once Levi’s mom was arrested — well, then you had a story,” says one editor.

What do you guys think Bristol and Levi will do with the cash? I mean, you can’t buy class, and I have a feeling this kid ain’t going to college, so they’ll probably just buy a bunch of cars.

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  • I’m amazed they sold for that much. Maybe I’m the minority but I have absolutely zero interest in seeing pictures of her son.

  • beet by cars you mean trucks and of course these trucks they will need gun racks and well ammo and and nifty cameo paint jobs and….

  • People magazine is so vile. I won’t even read it made my Dr’s office stop getting it. It’s just so stupid. As to what the money will be used fo? Alaska’s first almost MIL will need bail money, attorney’s to stay out of prison and of course fines. That money will go to a good cause, keeping a meth and Oxycontin dealer back on the streets where she belongs. Where else will the 1st son of AK cop his dope when he’s home on leave from Iraq? All of them are dirt bags.

    • Probable split it.
      I know Sarah is an ass but I hope things work out well for these 2. I don’t agree with my father about politics at all & maybe Bristol doesn’t agree with her mom either.
      Hopefully they’ll put a down payment on a house (or buy one, how much is a house in Alaska?)
      My best friend & her husband (of 19 yrs this past Nov) started out shaky at best (she got pregnant at 16 & he barely finished high school) but long story short they have a wonderful life together now. So I guess I have some sort-a soft spot for them (the Palin/Johnston’s). And wish them the best & hope this money helps them have a great start together.

  • I hope they’ll use some of that money to buy a baby name book so the next kid can have a normal name. How stupid is it to name your kid “Tripp” if your baby brother is “Trig”? Will Bristol’s kid appreciate being confused with his slightly older uncle who has Down’s syndrome?

    i also hope they spend the money on their own educations so they don’t grow up to sound as dim-witted as Grandma Sarah. We need more smart adults and fewer dumb kids having babies in this country!!

  • geez…what an alarming amount of vile and hateful vitriol directed at that family…don’t you fashionista libs claim some sort of moral-imperative/high-road credo of ‘tolerance’?…it’s amazing how nasty some of you are!What reaction would I get if I made similar comments about our new ‘colored’ president???(…and that’s what I’m talking about-tongue planted firmly in cheek)…stop watching that jerkoff Keith Olbermann and that other angry man that calls himself ‘Rachel’ and learn to form your own opinions…you all sound like my daughter’s snotty friends!

    • On balance, and to be fair, O’Reilly and Hannity are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and are just as biased and nasty, and report false informaotin and things taken out of context. I give more points to Maddow for reporting more actual facts than the other three; her snarkiness, however, lowers her credibility. CNN gives the most unbiased reporting out there.

    • It’s over, BADBOY. Let go and embrace the new President-Elect. It’s 2009, and my grandmother doesn’t even say “colored” anymore. *sheesh*

  • I wouldnt want to be judged based on how my parents think or act, so maybe we should not be so harsh on Sarah Palin’s kids, because they didnt ask to be put into the spotlight. And they might not even agree with Palins rigid political views.

    • I agree. Kids should be off limits, as well. The Obamas said this when a few people began to attack the Palins’ parenting skills during the campaign. I am a critic of Sarah Palin — especially after researching her record — and wasn’t at all surprised that she lost the election along with McCain. But people need to stop these attacks on the kids…it’s awful.