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Bristol Palin’s Baby Is Such a Tripp


Congratulations to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, who on Sunday welcomed a son named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.

Bristol is currently residing in Wasilla and completing her high-school diploma through correspondence courses. Levi is studying to become an electrician.

And, with that, hopefully we can now close the book on all Palins everywhere and never have to talk about this family ever again.

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  • “And, with that, hopefully we can now close the book on all Palins everywhere and never have to talk about this family ever again. ”

  • I think 2012 we will see a lot more of this family, unfortunately. Sarah Palin thinks she has a shot in the national forum now. Thanks a lot, Mr McCain.

  • It is really suspicious that she would name her kid that.

    Just saying. Perhaps her daddy is the father? Inbred rednecks.

  • I have a neighbor named Tripp…he is one of those forever bachelor types whose hey-day was 1979 and somewhere along the way his brain got stuck there…he is awesomely cheesy…and jogs wearing those short mylar shorts with the mesh nuts holder…and nothing else…priceless.

  • isn’t her older brother named trip? what in god’s name goes on up there in wasilla (besides making meth)?

    • The other baby’s name is Trig like trigonometry and her name is Bristol like Bristel board they seem to like school material names.
      Maybe they were high when they named the kid.

    • I think her brother’s name is Trig. There is another “T” name too, I don’t know it, but I think it’s another boy…

      • I just googled it and she also has a brother named Track. Doing drugs and then naming your children should be illegal.

  • All I have to say is that kid is going tog to get beat up for that name.
    Well the Palin’s are full of surprises.

  • “And, with that, hopefully we can now close the book on all Palins everywhere and never have to talk about this family ever again. ”

    Haha Save for Michael Palin, because he is pure brilliance! Luckily not related to Sarah Palin’s family.

  • Her and her mother are good at coming up with unique names, but I agree, let’s never speak of them again (please).

  • You do realize she will likely be our next president or vp?
    And that B HO will be terrible for the US don’t you?

    • Oh Bob, did you not hear that the election was decided in November? Yeah, Barack Obama won by a landslide…possible because McCain picked such a nimwit for a running mate.

    • I’m sorry bob, maybe you didn’t realize that Sarah Palin is toxic to the Republican Party…You know someone is an evil, hate filled liar when the majority of their own party won’t back them…

  • Yeah um I think bob is the one on crack, there is no way that woman will ever be elected vp or president, unless a majority of our country becomes idiots overnight (which, I guess, is very well possible…)

  • haha Now that the election is over that redneck should take off as fast as he can. Of course Bristol big tits was only 17 when the 18 year old knocked her up, so maybe if he marries her he can avoid prosecution.

  • right on Bob-and by the way, in this reality, there was no landslide victory-BHO won by fewer popular votes than Bush did in 2004…and by the way,don’t most of you have some relative or another who’s in the same boat as these two???

    • Bush vote total 2004 = 62,040,610
      Obama vote total 2008 = 69,456,897

      Source: Wikipedia

      Please get your facts straight before you spout off like that. You’ll make yourself look not so good.

  • I dont like Sarah Palin or her politics, but I actually do like all of the Palin family names. Ive always loved unique, uncommon names no matter how “weird” they seem or sound to others, I myself have one.

  • i honestly must say that i’m super proud of bristol palin for still having the baby. i mean she is in high school, i would be freaking out if it was me.

  • Does anyone else think that her chest looks slightly uneven? Either that, or her dress is excessively tight?

  • I love Bristol Palin’s big tits and would love to see her and her mom getting it on with a bunch of black guys, while Michelle Obama bounces her big black ass up and downmy white cock. But seriously, you people are the really nasty ones, calling thepalins “rednecks” and such. Would you like it if someone here called the Obamas “niggers?”