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Merry Christmas from the Simpson-Wentz Family!

Bronx Mowgli Wentz Pictures Photos

Rather than hawk the first photos of their baby to the highest bidder, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz debuted the first photos of Bronx on Pete’s website, Friends or Enemies, with a note encouraging readers to donate to one of several suggested charities (including the Richie Madden Foundation).

Ya know, the more I learn about Pete Wentz, the more I think he’s probably a wicked smart and downright decent dude. Great catch, Ashlee.

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  • that kid is so lucky. Travis mccoy is his godfather. and pete wentz is his dad.

    last night I hada dream that I played with FOB in Petes place. then afterward Joe Trohman asked me out and then next thing I know we were making out on the drum kit.

  • I think you’re right on Pete; he’s playing the media; and laughing the whole time… shows why he’s the talent in FOB. He’s been growing on me ever since I thought ‘what an ass’ he was with the naked cell pics.

  • ah the picture no one would buy errrrrr i mean the one that wasn’t for sale because they are so far above that. and man that pete wentz guy seems to be showing his douchebaggery in public

  • He’s such a douche. He never shuts up to the media, no one wanted to buy the photos because no one cares. If Christina Aguilera couldn’t sell a bunch of magazines with her kid, these two aren’t. And I don’t even want to hear the argument/comment, “he seems like such a good dad.” Guess what? You are supposed to be a good father. It shouldn’t be something to win someone over, it’s just human decency.

  • It doesn’t bother anyone else that their xmas card had a glaring error?- “to all our friends” s/b “To all OF our friends” just saying is all…

  • i think it is hilarious that asslee & pete’s faces are overpowering the kid’s in this photo. why even bother having the kid in there at all?