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And We’re Back!


Wow, you guys, I think that is the longest this site has gone without a post since its inception. HOLY CHRISTMAS! I spent the past couple of days holed up in a cabin at Mt. Baker without cell phone service or Internet access or cable television. It was so bizarre. Someone would say something like “How do you make cabbage soup?” or “What else was that actress in?” or “Where is the nearest liquor store?” and we’d all be like “Uhhhhh … we’re not sure how to approach that question without the Internet.”

We also went snowboarding … in a blizzard. I am certain it was a blizzard, because I asked my snowboard instructor and she said it was. And I was like “Okay, so if I tell people I snowboarded in a blizzard, I will be telling the truth?” and she was like, “Yes” and I was like “It would not be an exaggeration?” and she was like “No.” So there. I was in a blizzard. Snowboarding.

Leo came, too, and we played a great deal of snowball fetch. My friends brought their Great Dane, Bruter, so Leo never really got a chance to catch a snowball. Mostly what happened was I threw a snowball, Bruter caught the snowball in his mouth, and then Leo chased after Bruter. I think a good time was had by all, regardless.

Tons of pics and video are here.

Posting will now resume as normal. Thank you for your patience, and a special thanks to the many sad people who spent Christmas Day leaving crude comments about Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens on old posts — you guys are the reason I can afford to take holidays off. Muah!

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