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Crisstmas Angel and Holly Are Back At It For The Holidays


I haven’t heard too much about Criss Angel and Holly Madison lately and I must admit, I was enjoying the respite.  They were everywhere and then nowhere.  By the sounds of it, they’ve been locked in a hotel room. 

People asked Criss and Holly what they wanted for the holidays and their birthdays (December 19th and 23rd, respectively) this year.

Criss said “I don’t want anything for Christmas.  I just want Holly, love, health and happiness, and I have all of those things.  I’m hoping Holly will just put a bow in her head and that will be my present.”   Man, she got off cheap.

Holly, turning to Criss, replied “I just want you.  I’m in love and I’m so happy.”   Looks like they got each other the same thing.

Romantic, huh?

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  • Could it be possible that deep down they are somewhat normal and are actually in love? Maybe his douche-bag antica are only for the cameras.

  • You know what get’s me. You all are quick to pass up judgement on Criss and Holly, They are inlove, Get over it!!
    As for all the men calling criss a douche-bag and all this and that. Get over yourself’s please. Grow up and get a life. You seriously need too. What is it with you all, Is it jealously?. Because if criss and holly were ‘Fake’ Don’t you think people would see right through that.

    Criss and Holly have knowing each other for about 2 year’s now, it’s not like they just meet and got together after she dumped that old fart. They have been friends before they became an item. I’m sick off alway’s see’ing someone bad mouth them both. Talking Bullshit. If you people actually knew them, you would know that criss and holly are really sweet and down to earth. So quit passing your stupid judgement on people you know fuck all about. How about you “GO OUT AND GET A LIFE.” instead of sitting on your fat ass at home all day being stuck on the internet.


    • dear sharon, i understand “they have knowing each other” for years, but have you met them? you say if we knew them we wouldn’t badmouth them. so you must know them, and must have for an extended time. i bet their christmas card was nice.

      i admit i don’t “know fuck all about” them, and my status of needing to get a life is long overdue, rightfully requiring your all caps response. but i will do better, and i too will blindly defend celebrities from people who question their attention demands.

      her nose job is good though

  • Thats such a bullshit response. I am in love and very happy and I still want a buttload of things. But then again I also dont have money coming out of my vagina so maybe thats the problem.

  • ive never heard of this guy before but he looks utterly scary. like he might turn over in bed and hammer u to death. so watch out miss madison. tho on second thoughts, i dont think she looks like a gd girl either…

  • I really can not believe I am going to say this…but, I think they look like a regular couple, maybe in love and maybe they might have some things in common, and I have to look past the whole Hefner saga, but she is a beautiful girl. Really classically pretty, sans the fashion sense she exhibits, put her in a business suit and she pretty much wins the looks race over anyone out there now…here that, Vicotria’s secret models…yep, i said it.

  • I think they are in love and I so feel for her – watching `Girls of the Playboy Mansion`all I saw was an ordinary chick who wanted to be a mummy and a wife, and got rejected all the time. Im glad she found someone to love who loves her back. Good on you Holly – I was rooting for you!

    And If you two are ever in Canada……well come on over for lunch!

  • “Criss said ‘I don’t want anything for Christmas. I just want Holly’. Holly, turning to Criss, replied ‘I just want you. I’m in love.’ ”

    Somebody get be a paper bag cause I’m gonna barf.

  • i miss hef and holly! i have said that before but i really thought she loved him having stuck it out for 5 years etc. Her nose job is fantastic! i wonder if she is going to have her boobies redone as well, as they were freaking awaful. He looks scary as, that ring on every finger look is so passe… Any news on bridget i’m still married mardot marqoi mad something…

  • I was at the “believe” show for Criss birthday. When they were all on stage taking a photo op, Criss Beloved Mom was standing next to him and Holly “pitched a fit” until his Mom graciously moved aside and let her stand next to him. Criss was not watching and did not see this childish behavior – but the pain and disappointment in Criss’ Mom’s eyes said it all. RUN CRISS – SHE ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.

    All she wants is the lifestyle you can afford her, to replace the one she lost when Hef moved on ……

    You deserve much better Criss and so does your family!
    Shame on you for allowing this disrespectful behavior !!!