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Tom Cruise’s Kids Take a Night Off From Playing Bridge



I raced to Google when I saw these pictures, in the vain hope that at least one of Tom Cruise’s kids was old enough to legally purchase cigarettes.  The mother in me just cannot allow myself to be critical of 16 and 12 year-old children.  Which these two are.  Can you believe it?  Don’t they look so much older than that?  What 16 year-old wears jacquard? 

You rarely hear much about Tom Cruise’s kids.  I was impressed that they are never in the papers for their DUI’s and Vegas quickies.  Yeah.  That’s because they are in the Oxy10 zone right now.  We have years to wait before a tell-all can even be a possibility. 

Isabella and Connor Cruise accompanying their dad to the Valkyrie premiere in LA.

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  • Oh my gosh.. That bottom picture.. I find myself strangely attracted to Tom.

    And his daughter looks really, really good.
    And what? Which of his kids is twelve????! I’m assuming it’s the boy? Neither of them look that young.

  • I’ve never been into Tom because I’m under the impression that he’s a bit nutty and…not that hot. I will eat my words for this pic only. Smokin!

    • Yeah, he IS looking fine these days, but there’s no escaping those crazy, crazy, crazy cult eyes. *shudder*

    • i was thinking that too, that they better start working out/jogging before their partying years start. what is wrong with this country, for kids to just be all out of shape like that? when there is money in the family so it’s not like they only eat hot pockets and play video games because their waitress mom has 2 jobs or whatever. no excuse.

      • I know. They have all the money in the world. They can’t hire a nutrionalist? both parents are trim and fit as anyone could be, but they let their kids get all lumpy. what’s up with that.

        thanks for the diabetes, mom and dad!!

        oh and Liv, genetics? puh-lease. Yes, and I am sure they both have under-active thyroids. and don’t just suffer from lazy ass rich kid syndrome.

      • They were adopted. If one or both parents were overweight, there is a greater chance they suffer obesity. I’m not saying they’re both inactive — I’m just pointing out that there might be a reason beyond their control. For all you know their, their biological parents were drug addicts, which, if you didn’t know, increases childhood obesity tenfold.

        Anyone that thinks these kids are supposed to be rail thin are kidding themselves. They look great.

      • I think the whole fat parent/druggie parent= fat kid thing applies a lot more when the kid actually grows up with their biological parent(s)

      • Not if the mother was on drugs while pregnant, especially crack. I know a girl like this, and while she’s really nice, she’s also severely overweight. My sister works as a Neonatal nurse in the NICU (I love saying that) and they get drug babies all the time that are put up for adoption. While they usually come pre-mature, most gain an extreme amount of weight within a very short period, if they live at all.

        Again, the kids are fine. Isabella will probably lose what little extra weight she has, and if Connor is twelve, he’s going to need it for when he shoots up like a bean pole in a few years.

        Beyond that, I think everyone should lay off the fat comments. Just because they’re not society’s vision of perfection doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful people, despite being the children of a frigid bitch and Scientology nutcase.

      • well of course they would gain a lot of weight quickly. they were premies. babies grow quickly.

        i have never heard that crack babies have a better chance of being overweight later in life, nor was I able to find anything like that. if anything, they would have a greater chance of being small

        and you seriously think two multi-millionaire actors adopted crack babies? no freaking way

    • LMAO DP you are a psycho.

      Tom being a Scientologist has NOTHING to do with these photos, or this post in general. So why even bring it up?

      • Hahha yeah Snowblood….

        DP hates anything that disagrees with his/her own opnions.
        Which is hilariously ironic! DonkeyPunch you’d made a great fundie Christian! (most particularly, Westboro Baptist Church) Which is funny because they seem to be the people you hate most after those neo-conservatives… but really, what’s the difference, right? Sheesh.

    • hate to be on DP’s side usually, but there have been a shitload of scientologists featured laterly, with lots of cruise and holmes and jenny mccarthy and apparently jim carey and will smith and his family etc etc…. oh and random ass jenna elfman.

      • If by “Scientologists” you mean “celebrities,” then, yes, we’ve been focusing on them. :) Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are not Scientologists, and neither is Will Smith. Tom Cruise is very, very, very famous, so he pops up every now and then on this celeb gossip blog. Jenna Elfman is just really easy to make fun of.

      • Yay Beet! Seriously, set these morons straight.

        I’d be concerned if there were suddenly “Your Daily Scientologist” posts, but really this is nothing. People are crazy.

  • Tom kinda looks like a Ken doll…. and I could’ve sworn the girl was already in college or something. They don’t look their age at all!

  • and yeah, tom looks better, but could benefit from less fake tan and buttoning his shirt properly. hello saturday night fever.

  • Hate to say it, but being as it’s the truth, those kids could stand to lose a couple pounds. They aren’t terribly unhealthy looking, but I wouldn’t call their weight’s ideal.

    • Wow, you sound like you’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood. Been looking at too many emaciated actresses, haven’t you?

      Not everyone in the world is under a size 2. Both kids look perfectly healthy and normal.

      What is wrong with society, my gosh~

    • well stupid me, I didn’t even realise they were adopted til I went on Wikipedia (i mean, in the back of my mind i knew he’d adopted kiddies with Nicole Kidman but I just wasn’t thinking about it) and I was trying to find similarities in the faces of the kids compared to Tom’s…

      But Isabella is beautiful.

  • Omg Wendie you fuckin kill me, when I saw that headline and the picture, I pretty much fell out of my chair. Thank you so much for making my morning because I have a pounding headache and am massively hungover.

  • In the top picture he looks like he is posing with a couple of fans. And the comments about their wieght make me roll my eyes – if they had perfect bodies there would be snarky comments about how they are forced into extreme exercise routines and aren’t allowed sugar. What they actually look like are normal growing teenagers – that boy is probably going to need those pounds when he shoots up half a foot over 6 months.

    • Yeah seriously. My brother was chubby all through his childhood and once he reached highschool he turned into a twig.

      Besides, look at Isabella’s hands. If she was overweight she’d have dimples at her knuckles. I think the open jacket makes her appear wider than she is because based on other pictures she looks completely normal.

      Why am I even discussing this?

    • I don’t think we are talking ‘perfect’ bodies versus non. we are just talking overweight vs. healthy weight. even when being overweight doesn’t look that bad, it is still unhealthy. trust me. diabetes (type 2) is running wild in my family right now (5/6 aunts/uncles have it) That’s INSANE. And no, none of them are “fat;” they all look ‘American normal’

      seriously. America is too fat. People like you try to ignore this problem. Being overweight is NOT HEALTHY.

  • I like the no bangs look on Tom, very hot. I like that the kids look so normal, very unhollywood. That’s a good thing. Those are some white sneakers tho!

  • I feel SO bad for those two kids. Adopted or not, it’s gotta suck that the world is acting like Suri and Sunday Rose are sooo fucking special, while being barely aware of Tom and Nicole’s first two kids. Also: I think the argyle is cute as hell on that kid, age-appropriate or not.

  • Yes Isabella and Connor need to lose some weight. They only look ‘normal’ to those people who are use to seeing overweight people. Better to lose the weight now than to keep gaining weight. Thats why us Americans are so fat. Not that they are obese…yet.