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Your Daily Britney

Here’s some old school footage of a Britney Spears audition from when she was just a little kiddo. Um — is it just me or was she kind of a good singer back then? What happened??

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  • Oh my god she was adorable! SO CUTE, thats why she’s famous, not because she is incredibly talented. It’s because she makes you smile.

  • This was such a wonderful little treat to watch just now! Thank you SO much, Beet, for showing us this! God, she’s phenomenally adorable, I can’t get over it, how damn endearing little Britney is! Her hair twirling, that genuinely happy, sweet flashing smile, her Southern Girl manner of speaking with the automatic “Yes sir,” oh and – she had an extraordinary vocal ability, how I wish we could’ve seen the entire song. Evil Beet, can we see the whole thing from the beginning? Is that possible, is the whole clip available somewhere? I’m dying to see more, plus I’d love to know where I can find a bunch more child-Britney videos to watch.

  • Dude’s voice was/is SUPER creepy. I would be nervous if a dude with a voice like that was interviewing my daughter. EEEEEeee!

  • i still think she is so pretty, but i’ve heard she is so medicated now and shuttled from place to place, she can barely show a personality. kinda sad. maybe she’ll make her money, cash out and go away and enjoy the rest of her life in 10 years

    • I can totally see that; I wonder if her people had the courage to send her to a doctor when they saw the problem, instead of hiding it and not wanting to upset the walking paycheck they had, that maybe, it could have helped her. You can definitely hear the difference in just 2 years, from 1999 to 2001. Damn.

  • Smoking, drinking generally not giving a crap about your voice can wreck it. Its unfortunate that even now Brit wont make any effort towards reviving her pipes. She was such a cute kid then!…times have certainly changed for the worse…

  • She just overworked her vocal chords probably.

    That doesnt make her any less of a star though, thats all in her personality and her charm, theres no one like britney!

  • Yes, cute and talented but same membership in the Confederate Brain Trust. Guys asks, “She told you always to bow, your momma?” Britney replies, “No, my momma told ME that.”

  • It’s not just bad singing habits and lack of good technique that will have damaged Britney’s voice. Your voice is the product of your body, and anything that affects your body will affect your voice. Off the top of my head, here are a few things that will have had an impact on her:
    – Smoking
    – Taking any drugs, prescription or otherwise
    – Drinking alcohol
    – Two lots of pregnancy and childbirth
    – Poor sleep patterns
    – Poor diet
    – Changes in fitness and exercise patterns

    I’m a singing teacher, and these are things I would tell any of my students.

    Also, judging only from the one note in that clip, Britney had a strong voice but she was pushing it a great deal. I would want to hear more, but from that alone, I think it likely that Disney actually taught her better vocal technique than she had in that audition.

    • Yes, yes, yes.

      I feel like there was this early 90s fad of children belting out Liza Minelli -type showtunes (see also Blossom in Beaches, or me in the living room), this weird era when casting directors and beauty pageant judges only took 9-year olds seriously if they had 40-year old voices. So you’ve got these kids bellowing and faking vibrato and wearing fishnets, and any actual vocal teacher would totally cry.

  • Who gives a shit about Britney other than 30 year old chicks that still don’t have any taste after growing up with manufactured talent like Britney Spears and New Kids In the Block.

    Leave your childhood behind little girls.