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“Is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?”

Hugh Hefner, when Extra interviewed him and showed him a copy of Jennifer Aniston’s GQ cover.

Fuck. Yes. She. Is.

Jennifer Aniston is single-handedly showing the world than women can get sexier with age. If Hugh Hefner says it, it must be true!!!

Oh, and he also talked to Extra about the Holly split, saying “I was blindsided by the breakup … But Holly was looking for something more that I couldn’t give her. She was looking for marriage and children … Within two weeks, a pair of twins arrived and turned out they were interested in being my girlfriends … Several girlfriends are easier to handle than one wife.”

That Mr. Hefner. He’s so, so wise.

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  • His twins are whores. He should have stuck with Holly and kept stringing her along.

    Although I am glad she’s happier now.

  • RE: [ “Is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?”

    Hugh Hefner, when Extra interviewed him and showed him a copy of Jennifer Aniston’s GQ cover. ]

    Um he was pretty much just reading back the words on the cover page, practically verbatim… the cover says “It is just us or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?” He might have been confused what they were asking him.. I mean, he is pretty old. And I seriously doubt he thinks chicks get better with age, since he is dating 2 chicks that are literally half Aniston’s age.

    • Agreed. Hef is probably suffering from dementia. His opinions cannot be taken seriously. Especially when it comes to Jen Aniston. She has no acting talent. Friends doesn’t count either because I personally considered her to be the least interesting character on the show.

      Her DAD displays more acting talent than she does on Days of Our Lives!!!

      Also, I don’t understand why we should be impressed with her body anyway. As a celebrity it’s practically part of her job. It’s the only thing she has left as a celebrity.

      • Somebody ”’has’ to see through this phony act that Holly was trying to pull off. Yeah, Hef is losing some of his memory, but he’s not so forgetful that he did not know that she (Holly) was trying to rule everything, “”AND” she did not care who knew it. 100 % zero class bimbo! Anyway, Amanda Pants (ha) your right about Aniston, gee I wonder why she pasted up Leprechauns in Space? It’s not like it’s going to hurt her career! I can’t say I agree with your opinion on Friends, or that you watched it at all. They are watered down reused, jokes that are not funny. Constant lazy put down humor. It’s an insult to anyone that can think. I get more yucks, from My name is Earl. (funny show)

  • i am so over jen. it annoys me that she has to show everything but her vajayjay on the cover of a magazine so everyone can talk about how wonderfully she’s aging. she seems nice enough(except for yammering on about how she’s SO TOTALLY NOT jealous of Brangelina and their beautiful children), and she looks good. not great, good. *sigh* i know how cranky this sounds, i just don’t know why there’s so much hoopla about her right now. why are we supposed to be interested?

  • Wait a minute, wait a minute! You mean to tell me that this woman here was left by her husband for another woman???? Oh my gosh, that has never ever happened before! She must be the only person ever on earth whose husband left them!!! I mean that is the only reasonable explanation that people should still care about her divorce all these years later

    i cant tell if its the media that makes her into this “poor me my husband left, but im staying stong” annoyance, or if she really is still milking it!

  • Women get sexier with age??? Yeah, and mens ding-a-lings get longer with age…lol

    She’s sooo hot that Brad Pitt dumped her ass for a younger woman and nobody wants to date her for more than a couple of months… even though she’s had plastic surgery, botox, and dyed her hair a million times.

    Medical fact: Women lose their looks by the age of 27 due to loss of elasticity in connective tissue, enhanced fat deposition and sclerosing of loose skin…. 97% of women start graying at 30. It’s actually quite disgusting.

    Thank God for 19 y/o twins


    • I don’t like Jen, but she is actually way more attractive than those 19 year-olds. They are just gross looking. So I will begrudgingly give her that.

  • I agree with the posts above. She is not attractive anymore. And I find it pretty sad she has to get naked to get any attention. Brangelia is happy and has a great family. Aniston is alone and no one wants to date her. Her movie career flunked. The last movie she she was in came out in ’05. She keeps showing her body off and bring up Angelina so people don’t forget about her. It’s quite sad actually.

  • You know your acting career is over when you have to appear nude on the cover of a men’s “clothing” magazine to promote your movie while hoping noone catches on that that is the reason you’re giving all those interviews and photo shoots, and arranging to be “caught” eating dinner with your “boyfriend.” I wonder how much John Mayer is charging her. “Your checkbook is a wonderland.”

  • TEAM ANISTON. Angelina french kissed her fucking brother and wore Creepy Bob Thornton’s blood in a vial. Enough said.

    Oh and one more thing…I want Hugh Hefner to write a book and call it “The Ten Commandments of Man” and I want the #1 commandment to be…”Several girlfriends are easier to handle than one wife.” Brilliant.

  • I actually think she’s pretty. Definitely easier on the eyes than Jolie. Her features are just too damn sharp. She’s like Cruella DeVil with lips and nice hair.

  • She’s always been pretty! Except that awful hair in s1 Friends. And Friends does count :O She was brilliant as Rachel!