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Looking Good!


The gorgeous host of the Style network’s The Dish — who you probably remember as Topanga from Boy Meets World — got her handprint done in cement for Planet Hollywood yesterday.

I interviewed Danielle awhile back for (read it here), and I left out a portion of our conversation in my write-up. At some point during our chat, I mentioned how much I hate my natural hair and how jealous I am of hers. Danielle then basically stopped the interview to ask me why I didn’t like my hair, why I didn’t love my body in general, and then spent like five minutes trying to cheer me up, despite me being like “Dude, this interview is supposed to be about you!” It was very refreshing celeb behavior — normally when you bring your own life up AT ALL during celeb interviews, they basically pretend that they didn’t hear it. Seriously. Any comment that is not about the celebrity is just totally ignored — sometimes so much so that it’s comical. So I was really impressed with how gracious and sweet she was, and I’m officially a fan.

Congrats, Danielle!

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  • That is nice & I hope no one makes fat remarks about her.

    This is a little off topic, but kind of relates too – a couple weeks ago my shrink mentioned that he wouldn’t be available til after the holidays because he had to go into the hospital for awhile. I thought to be nice I should probably ask if everything was OK, but then made a quick decision that since it was on my dollar I wouldn’t. It’s kind of the same thing isn’t it?

    • “That is nice & I hope no one makes fat remarks about her.”

      um. didn’t YOU just sort of make a fat remark about her?

    • off topic yes. but had you asked, it shouldn’t have mattered. Doctors usually do not want to be giving out such private information about themselves.

  • Aw, she just oozes adorable. She looks pretty bangin’ to me!

    A personal quote from the lovely lady: “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs. I shop, okay?”


      • Kidding me? Ever slept with a woman that looks like those in hollywood? Skin and bones…it’s like a preying mantis!

      • No I haven’t. But I am woman, and straight, so I have not had the chance to sleep with women of any size. So I wouldn’t know how it affects sex.

        I just prefer women with slimmer bodies. Not skeleton-thin, but not as curvy. It’s just my preference. It’s not a big deal. I think women can be beautiful regardless of their size; hers is just not my favorite.

    • I don’t think she looks any less beautiful for it, but she is overweight. It’s a health thing. I can’t look at a woman who’s overweight and think she looks great because she IS unhealthy. The sticks of hollywood look unhealthy as well, maybe even more so than her, but there is a healthy medium somewhere between. I don’t mean to be insulting, she sounds like a wonderful person, and I wish her the best.

      • Actually, that IS a bad angle. I was thinking back before she did the nutrisystem thing. More recent pictures of her look awesome! Good for her! Sorry guys, haha.

  • She’s overweight?? Are you kidding?? It’s a horrible angle for her arms because they’re so pushed forward but she is not overweight.

    • actually….. she could be. she’s only 5’1″ (at least according to IMDB). overweight is a BMI of 25 or above. it’s not as crazy as the obese category. a person of that height would be considered overweight at 132…. to be obese she would have to be over 158

      hi, I am bored tonight, obviously.

  • she is comfortable in her skin and truelly happy with herself and it shows. My question is how can a child star be so well adjusted?

  • she is pretty ugly.

    stand her next to a pretty girl and maybe you people would notice. her face is twice as wide as it should be.

    she is really short too and it makes her “thick” instead of cute, eg christina ricci or rachael leah cook, they are cuter because they are short.

  • she really is funny on the Dish, i was surprised by that. i wasnt a BMW fan so i was somewhat immune to the topanga charm. had i not known she was already a celebrity before the Dish, i would have been wondering WHo this girl was. shes great.

  • i like her curves, but i’m not so sure about the face. it’s fine, but looking good is right. beautiful, amazing? no way