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Debra Messing Has a Problem With Needles



I challenge all of you “It’s only the lighting, it’s a different angle, she’s just matured a bit, I think she’s lost/gained weight, what are you talking about she looks exactly the same” delusionaries to tell me that the classically beautiful Debra Messing isn’t a Botox/Restalyne/collagen and perhaps scalpel junkie.  Right.  Because I know when I’m in harshly lit environments, my upper lip doubles in size too. 

I know I sound angry and I am.  Debra Messing is one of the most stunning women in the world.  Look at the top picture of her from four years ago.  She seriously believed she had to improve that?  Though I am suspicious of the cheekbones, prominent nose bridge and startled eyes she now possesses, I am hoping and praying that this is just a chemical renovation that, like a nightmare, will eventually fade.

I’m so flustered right now.  Okay.  Others there, and by “there” I mean the Damages Season 2 premiere, include William Hurt, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Timothy Olyphant and Glenn Close who is apparently busing tables at Pirate’s Landing Seafood Shanty when not attending Sisters of Sappho meetings.

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  • One of the most stunning women in the world? You have got to be kidding me.

    Shes pretty, but shes the raggety-anne to other women by far.

  • Debra messing usually does not look like that, I think it is all of the darn makeup she has on. And her hair is straight and a different color, that might have something to do with it. I agree that she looks much prettier in the top picture though.

  • okay, i seriously don’t see anything that different between the pictures other than her expression and hair…

  • i really don’t see anything that different. she’s halfway pursing her lips in the second picture, which is why it looks bigger. and her eyes are open a bit too wide? that’s really about it.

  • I’m totally distracted by her little bald patch in the top picture.

    Otherwise, I don’t see much difference. I’d say she’s got some mondo fake eyelashes in the 2nd pic, and her makeup is generally more dramatic.

    It’d be easier to compare if she was smiling big in both the before and after.

  • This is ridiculous, she is smiling in one photo and pursing her lips in the next. You can’t compare her lip size that way. I just don’t see why you are freaking out about this, it’s not obvious to me that she had anything done.

    • I agree. I hate it when people show two photos, when a person is pulling two totally different facial expressions and then accuse them of “having something done” I look different when I am smiling to when I am awkwardly pursing my lips too ZOMG I MUST HAVE HAD BOTOX

  • Eek, well first of all she really needs to ditch the straighteners.
    Also this is why I’m hoping that by the time I’m old enough to look old, cosmetic surgery would have advanced a little. We’re going to look back on Botox and trout pouts the way we look back on skull trepanations today…

    • Ah, ha ha ha ha. I’m with you Alice, and would add skull and foot binding as well as corset wearing…

      ps, what the hey is going on with her hair in the first picture – extensions making her hair fall out?

      • Oh, you funny girl. ‘When you’re old enough to look old’ will come sooner than you think, my dear. People need to accept the aging process. No procedure will ever look natural.

  • If she didn’t look so uptight/surprised she’d look really pretty in the second picture. I think she needs to relax, maybe they just caught her at the worst possible moment.

  • “One of the most beautiful women in the world”? Are you out of your mind? Her hotness is all bells and whistles.

  • i don’t think Debra’s MESSING with her looks.

    *sigh* god, it’s hard being this fucking hilarious.

  • perhaps she let a small child put on her lipliner. it appears to line the outside of her upper lip, rather than the inside. this could be the problem…

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! Lining the outside of the upper lip is a common trick to make thin upper lips look bigger. That’s all I see when I look at the picture.

      • agreed. when will women learn that it looks FUCKING RIDICULOUS when they do that?! who cares if you don’t have angelina jolie lips… leave them alone!

  • uh, Wendie – Take a closer look at the picture you’re referring to. It’s not collagen, or restylane or any of that other crap actresses jam into their faces. it’s actually the old fashioned trailor-trash lipstick trick where you draw the lipliner over the natural line of your lips and fill it in with lipstick onto your upper lip to make it look like your lips are actually bigger than they are. It’s an awful strategy that never actually works, yet so many still do it..including Debra Messing’s makeup artist who needs to be fired immediately.

  • you can clearly tell her lip is the same size, and that its the color that is making it seem smaller in the earlier pic. and yeah, different lighting.

  • I don’t think shes had any surgery, she just looks a bit strained in the second picture. And her hair looks a lot worse straight.

  • I have the biggest crush on Timothy Olyphant im so glad to hear that he’s gonna be is season 2 of Damages, season 1 was so good i hope this season is just as good.

  • She just has some Pamela Anderson-like lipliner, an inch or two outside the lip contour. Classic. If you look beyond the grossly painted lipstick and so on, her lips are as thin as before. So no worries.

  • Yeah shes like pursing her lips and widening her eyes at the same time, and then she did that thing where they put lipstick past the end of the lips to make it look bigger, but yea i dont see no changes.

  • She doesn’t look different, aside from looking like a lunatic. And having her lipliner outside her lips to make her lips look fuller.

  • I still can’t get over how she was cast in a TV show called “The Starter Wife.” Like, she’s old enough to be a starter wife’s mother.

  • I’m going to be honest that women is far from beautiful. She is cute in a comical way at best…the perfect Grace. Either way, she does look deranged but I don’t think its from plastic surgery. I think it is the suck in your checks, bite down and purse your lips. I feel like you can tell by how her jaw line is placed. I’ve seen a lot of girls, celebrity and not, do it and I have never understood why they think it makes their face shape more attractive. It just makes one look silly and as i said before deranged… Meh in terms of Debra Messing and take it or leave it…. I’ll definitely leave it.

  • Well. In my opinion this could very well be due to the amount of makeup she’s wearing (seems as if she’s got lipliner applied not on the edges of her lips but, eh, “around” them to make them seem bigger).

    Oh, and she’s flashing a big smile in the first picture – which means the upper lip “streches”, mine does that too as well as yours and any other person. I’ve got rather full lips, but when I smile a big toothy-grin then my lips appear smaller too.

  • you idiot, she just lined her lips with lip-pencil on the outside instead of in. that’s a pretty standard makeup trick for women with thin lips. megan fox does it all the time.

  • Looks to me like someone had a horrible accident with lipliner. That old “trick” of lining the outside of your lips to make them look larger, when really you looks sloppy and ridiculous. As for the rest of her, never did like her much. Looks like a tranny who had their wig pulled down too far in the front. So my final answer, she actually did her hair, and over did her lips.

  • i’m sorry wendie, but you really suck at calling plastic surgery shots. she obviously hasn’t had any work done. you can see her muscles are pulling an epic pout.
    also, i’m sorry, but no way is debra messing ‘classically beautiful’. she’s alright in a kate winslet, sarah jessica parker way.