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Amy Says “Goodbye” to SNL and I Say “Hello” to Lexapro

Amy Poehler wasn’t supposed to be back at SNL after the birth of her son (shudder) Archie.  But she did come back last night for one last appearance and to say goodbye.  Here is the clip.  I’ve come to a realization.  I’m obviously completely unbalanced because I got choked up a little bit watching the beginning of this.  And if I’m crying during a Saturday Night Live cast member farewell segment, it really makes me wonder why I’m not, like, medicated.

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  • actually amy was back in last week’s episode, too. but yeah, it was sad when she started getting choked up! fred armisen saved her with his frickin hilarious impression of ny gov paterson…i felt so bad laughing…but it was soooo funny!

  • It all makes sense now!

    Beet and Wendie met in line at the pharmacy when they noticed they were on the same anti-depressants.

  • It was a joke you humorless fucks ^

    Beet and now Wendie have expressed how sad and depressed they always are.

    • donk. listen, i realize it was a joke you humorist f*ck. that is why i commented back to have you comment back. and so on and so forth. cheers.

    • wait, so you take wendie’s medication joke as serious, and that’s okay, but other people take your joke as serious, and that = humorless fuck? whatever

      and I thought was you were saying was a joke (although you then tried to make it seem less of a joke by saying, yeah but they are both depressed, etc). i just thought it was asshole-y.

  • I loved Amy Poehler, although I never got or get to watch much SNL, just the clips of the good stuff here online. But I watched all the interesting election-time stuff, and I will never forget her amazing rap about Sarah Palin, that was just brilliant. She and Tina Fey were both the bomb on that show, too bad they’re not regulars on SNL anymore.