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Can Someone Throw a Happy Meal at Nicole Richie, Please?


Joel Madden and Nicole Richie appeared last night at the official launch of the Madden brother’s K-DCMA footwear line.  Nicole continues to look beautiful but I maintain my position that she’s getting scary skinny.

Also there, Benji Madden (of course!), Audrina Patridge and Tila Tequila. 

Do you think people in other countries laugh at us because Tila Tequila is considered famous here in the United States?  I knew that she liked to make out with chicks on TV but I just wiki’d her to educate myself on the back story of Tila.  Yeah, there really isn’t any.  She did release a book on December 2nd titled Hooking Up With Tila Tequila because she had so much advice to offer people.  Like, way more than could ever be typed out on a website.  “I can’t just write a blog on it, because it would be the size of a book.”  And it’s random but, a couple of years ago, she had a clothing line (!) with the slogan of “So hot you’ll just want to take it all off!”  How is it that is out of business yet Lauren Conrad’s collection still limps along?

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  • We all know Nicole has an eating disorder. Nothing new there. She needs professional help. She gained weight for her pregnancy, and she looked great, but now she’s losing it again. Just show me some healthy-sized starlets because I can’t think of any.

  • i think it’s sad that nicole just acts like she is this thin normally. with the whole camera-adds-10-lbs, i would hate to see her in public

  • I dunno; she’s definitely thin, but not bony or ill-looking. She looks a bit tired (but come on, she’s a MOTHER), but otherwise golden and glowing.

    The funny thing is, I read an article earlier today claiming that she was getting too thin, and her rep said that “She’s always been skinny!” I actually laughed out loud. There’s a rep who doesn’t grasp the concept of the general public having a long-term memory.

    • I never understood that! how she is says… uhm I am naturally this thin? and everyone is like, really, what about those other 22 years of your life were you were not anywhere near this thin??

      its the worst excuse ever.

  • Beet, your attitude is really starting to bug me. Why do you have to be so nasty about people who are ill?? Do you dislike yourself so much that you have to kick people when they’re down? =(

  • “Do you think people in other countries laugh at us because Tila Tequila is considered famous here in the United States?”

    I am from New Zealand and I think its weird that she even gets mentioned LOL

  • She’s not deathly thin, yet? And Joel Madden got his plugs early enough that Benji now has to go the hat over the bald head route.