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Please Respect the Rights of Khloe Kardashian and Other Animals

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  • k….yeah. shes the fat one. obviously peta was desperate or something, couldnt find anyone that actually looks good naked so they went with someone they could possibly make look good naked. haaaa. that was so bitchy of me. she looks good.

  • Woulda been better if she didnt show her ass off like that.
    Could of been such a respectable ad.
    I joined Peta so thats kind of a discrace -_-

  • i am not getting the whole cave-person look. i mean, cave men totally wore fur. they like started the whole fur wearing thing.

  • wow that dosnt even LOOK like her. They must’ve spray-tanned her whole body and given her a digital nose job or something. crazy

  • Sara is correct. It does look like Khloe.
    This is just gross! All the Kardashians are just gross.
    It is a shame that very pretty, talented, hard working young actress can’t seem to get a break. Only TRASH gets a billboard. I’m getting a sable coat. PETA is not ANYONE’S friend.

  • @ his- yeah she looks good… becuase she has been digitally manipulated lol. Im not saying the girl isnt pretty, because she is, but I can tell this has been altered… a lot. trust me. It is my job to do photo retouches lol

  • Did she lose 50 lbs this month? Man. crazy photoshop job. holy christ. well, she looks great as an end product.

    I can’t believe some people were commenting ‘fat ass’ though. I think her ass looks awesome. you need a little bump in the butt. flat asses are gross.

    i mean, alas, this may look nothing like her real ass, but her photoshopped ass is hot!

  • My hair looks like that when I let it go curly, wake up on it and then comb it out. I would never let that hair be photographed. My husband laughs, asks me to sing some Whitesnake and then I wash it.

  • If the photo is published, it’s going to be photoshopped, especially in major magazines and ad’s. Shut up about it.

    Honestly, I like the wild hair look. From an interpretive and artistic point of view, I think the stylist chose well. Animals used for their fur are generally “wild”, so Peta’s ad should channel those particular animals. It’s complex and unhindered. I like it a lot; it’s creative.

  • liv, I think everyone was commenting on the photoshop job because it literally looks nothing like her body. not even close. I think we all understand that airbrushing and everything is used in all cases, but this was overkill IMO.

  • i just thought of this: does anyone else think this is a super odd choice from peta? besides her not being a celebrity really, what about the whole recent DUI? then didn’t she have to serve time in jail because she wasn’t doing her DUI work too? I mean… fantastic spokesperson, PETA. I guess driving drunk is cool at long as you don’t wear fur while you are doing it.

  • So now all the Kardashian’s all have their naked photos out there.

    How old are the twins again?
    I guess its a matter of time before they show the world what they got too
    I wonder though why Khloe didn’t go straight to Playboy!
    How long before the 3 pose together naked? maybe throw in the mother as well
    eeew, the whole family revolts me

  • I get the wild jungle hair look. I just don’t know how many jungle nymphs use a crimper. Or wash their hair, then braid it and sleep on it.

  • @ ThatLisa – It was horribly touched up, I’ll admit. But that isn’t her fault — I blame the crap photo editor.

  • oh this is bullllshit. there is NO WAY she could look like this without photoshop. anyone who knows who she is will know that this is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

  • holy shit everyone shut the fuck up who cares about makeup and everyone saying photo shop and shes fat and thats not her. I think she looks great and i dont know y everyone judges so much on celebs or famous people look at yourself its just a ad and everyone has to put her down this is why the world sucks today

    • thank god at least joey has a heart.god all these dumb bitches think she’s fat and ugly and think’s that’s not her shut the fuck up.u all quit being haters on khloe kardashian.u guys try posing for peta and being almost nude.u all know that your titys will be hangin’ out and your ass will be sanging.and there will be a website just like this one saying your ugly,fat,and saying yuck 2 u all.and not just khloe other celebs 2!!!so none of u retards, bitches and hoes, should be talking.fuck all u bicthes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :( :0

  • I agree joey these people need help, they must hate themselves this girl is doind this for a good cause, you’ll people need to really grow up and get a life, you’ll always haten on them kardashian girls’ you’ll saying she look like a animal you’ll acting like animals FISH.

  • I agree with ThatLisa, her ass photoshopped looks amazing.
    I’d have to google to see about her real ass though, and my browser’s going too slow.

  • whoa! i’m a huge fan of photoshop, but this is far too un-natural.
    it really doesn’t look like her.
    the goal is to make the person look like the best version of their current selves,
    not a different person.
    if they didn’t want khloe as a model, they shouldn’t have asked her.
    i think the people who decided to photoshop her into oblivion need a new job. >:|

  • Omg all these comments are like so mean, wtf is up w/these ppl i think Chloe looks beautiful…and i don’t think she is fat at all i think she is the most natural girl i mean yea kim is Georges but a lil to much make up she aint skinny either so i dnt understand y all the sh*t on kloe she is beutiful and i hope she reads this and understands that everyone else are just jealous bitcheZ love u kloe i think ur the hottest kardashian…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  • she looks good, i guess people are super jeaolous. she is not fat… she looks amazing… i will go lesbian with her…

  • she looks amazing!!! everybody need to leave her the fuck alone. obvisely your all jelouse of her if you waste you time writing gay ass coments about her. do you ppl have anything beter to do.. grow the fuck up and get a life!!