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Breaking: You Can Buy a 6-Bedroom Home for $1.3M in North Carolina!

Well … apparently Fantasia Barrino can’t.

…It looks like third season American Idol winner and 8-time Grammy nominated R&B singer Fantasia Barrino is about to get booted from one of her Charlotte, NC homes. According to recent reports and county records, big voiced Miss Barrino’s 6,232 square foot house has been foreclosed on and unless she can make good with a pile of cash will be auctioned to the highest bidder on January 12, 2009.

Property records show Miz Barrino purchased the 6 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom pond-front mansion on Bevington Place in March of 2007 for $1,300,000.

However, the children can rest easier knowing that it does not appear that Miz Barrino will go homeless as records show that she also owns a second house on nearby Seton House Lane that she purchased in July of 2004 for $740,000.

Seriously, though, can we please talk about this shit??? Look at that fucking house!!!! OMG!!! Do you know what you can buy with $1.3M in Seattle? A cottage! And in Los Angeles? A condo! Maybe! I’m gonna pack up my multitude of animals and move us to Charlotte, where we’ll live like KINGS on the amount of money I spend right now paying rent. Sheesh.

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  • I’m from NC so I am biased, you should c’mon! You’d love it! Charlotte is the biggest city in NC so imagine what you could get in any other part of nc.

  • Yeaahh..not so much. I lived in Charlotte for over 20 years. Cost of living is pretty high, and unless you’re in banking you’re not going to have much of a job. Service industry is pretty booming – my oldest son did pretty well as a waiter in a local brew-pub. This home is in the middle of a bunch of country clubs on the south side of town – ritzy, but not the most expensive real estate in town. I own a modular on 1.5 acres about 30 minutes from Charlotte – asking price: $130,000 Any takers??? 3 BR, 2 BA!!

  • You’re so right. I live in toronto, I just moved back to toronto from after living it up in a small town in Quebec. In toronto, Im still saving for my dream house which will be tiny on a modest lot with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. My parents have the same size house here and it valued at $450 000. So unless I want to live in the suburbs, I’ll be forking it over for a tiny house.

  • You would live great in Indiana, too. When I watch HGTV, I can’t believe the values of homes in Cali and other parts of the country. The cost of living is MUCH lower here.

  • I was in southern California beach town for a long time, and now in San Francisco. I get so sick of paying so much rent… but I always will. I would much rather live in awesome places than have an awesome house.

  • ok yah, the cost of living varies by where you live in the country, blah blah blah. what totally drew MY attention is that she owns a second house on NEARBY Seton House Lane…Fantasia is NOT that famous, wtf does she need TWO houses for?

  • I live 20 minutes from Charlotte, and it’s very nice. Great weather, beaches and mountains less than 3 hours either direction, and we have pro sports, arts and great higher education around the state. North Carolina has everything except smog. It’s a beautiful place to live. Go Panthers and Tarheels!

  • okay you’ve got to be shitting me. does anyone realize that the reason this house is that cheep is MAYBE b/c we’re in a recession? I’ve live in NC for almost 20 years…and stuff here ain’t that cheep. Theres a $9 mili house down the street from me thats going for about 5 now. use your brains kiddies…..

  • I watched a cribs rerun the other day and this house was on there. And I was thinking did she even make enough money to pay for a house like this and I guess this answers my question.

  • I lived in Concord for a while, outside of Charlotte. It’s a beautiful area to settle down.

    Now where I am in Texas we were still in a boom because of oil, but a brand new custom-built home with upgrades and 3000 square ft would only cost around 350k. I can’t wait til that drops too! Then I can afford the country club membership AND the mortgage! Yea recession!

  • Oh Beet. As a Californian who moved the South (Atlanta), the humidity will keeeeelllllll you. I’ve been here 13 years and I still strongly dislike being outside for more than an hour (or at all) between July and October. You get up, shower, get dressed, step outside and within 3 minutes you are sweaty. Visit before you commit. You fit the demo where you have your own source of income and can benefit from the low cost of living, but is it worth it?

  • this house is probably five minutes from mine and my house? 4 bedrooms at a whopping 200k TOPS. probably more like 175k.

    yea, lots of these mack daddy houses are getting foreclosed on here.

  • “okay you’ve got to be shitting me. does anyone realize that the reason this house is that cheep is MAYBE b/c we’re in a recession?”

    The value quated was from her purchase in March 2007. Use your eyes.

    “I would much rather live in awesome places than have an awesome house.”
    -That Lisa

    With your apparent attitude toward anywhere not California or NYC we would rather you stay out. Glad we agree.

  • so i live in Cary,NC…

    theirs not shit in North Carolina. Unless you like Sweet Tea and Collards..

    Im a fan of both, so I cant say too much.

  • whoa whale, who pissed in your cheerios? i don’t think thatlisa was making a derogatory comment about living in the south. i took it as someone saying they’re willing to make sacrifices (i.e. high rent=small living space) to live in a place that makes them happy. big homes are a priority for some, not for others. don’t think it’s anything personal, just a preference. it’s cool, baby….

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