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Plugging Shit My Friends Do

I just have to put in a quick plug for my friend Melissa’s line of chunky bangles from her Josie Girl company. I spotted them on another friend at a party and I was like, “OMG, I love those,” and when I found out it was Melissa’s company I told her how great they were and she gave me a couple. I’ve been wearing them pretty much non-stop since. They look great with damn near everything, but I’m especially digging pairing them with simple tanks and jeans. I think it creates a really fun and classic look.

She also does belts, but I’m not really a belt girl, what with my Buddha belly and all. I try to keep the area around my stomach as loose as possible. (As I told her when she showed me the belts: “Honey, you can’t wear a belt like that with a tummy like mine.” At least I’m honest.) But if you’re a belt chick, they’re worth checking out.

Bangles are here and belts are here.

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  • They are sooo cute! But I’m afraid there’s no way I’m paying 78$ for a bangle. We are in a recession after all….. But, still…. cute!

  • Is it vegan silk. mwahahahaha. The cat must be sad because he was drawn with some awfully saggy tits for forepaws. I can’t imagine you having that big of a Buddha belly that you can’t wear a belt above it–at the narrowest part of you–with a free flowing top that pulls away from the body. Oh well. You must be HUGE. (rolling eyes while laughing) I love the patterns. I can’t say much for the embellishments. 78 green is too much green me.

  • I think that you exaggerate concerning your so-called “Budda Belly”, unless, that is, you gained a ton since you posted that video of you and Leo romping on the beach a while back. You looked pretty trim and fit back then, unless you hired a body double just for the video. Like most good looking women, I think that you complain about your looks just to soicit compliments. If I didn’t have this “thing” for a little older MILFs who look like Katie Couric and Kathie Lee Gifford , I think I might just fly out there to where you live to check ot that “Budda Belly’ for myself.

  • That is a truly ugly bangle, it doesn’t scream 7.80 to me, I’m fairly certain I could find something similar at the 99 cent store….

    Nice zit on your chest, is your photoshop broken?

  • I don’t know who all of you negative people are…. You must be the the folks who live in places that require $78 bucks for a whole month of rent and don’t have a clue about style….or maybe you are just a DUFF and are jealous that the bangles and belts just dont fit your “big boned” body…I think they are HOT HOT HOT and I agree with Sasha. Anyone who is not willing to spend a little $$ to look hot can keep bashing and spend less at places they are used to shopping at, like Lane Bryant, Pretty and Plump, Marshalls, and Target…..So, if you have it, spend it, and if you spend it, wear it, and if you wear it you will find yourself buying others at the same price at Josiegirldesigns…..

  • I wore one of these bangles out last weekend and got SO MANY comments about it! I absolutely love mine and plan on adding to my collection soon… very fun, fashionable, and definitely worth skipping a meal out to buy one!

  • Big bangles are so hot right now. I’ve seen similar ones at Nordstrom for $180+, so thanks for the tip to your friend’s website. I just logged on and bought two bangles for myself & one for my sister. I also scored stocking stuffers with the kids and teen belts. Unique stuff. I love it!!! Great gifts ideas. Thanks!

  • I don’t mind the fact that this is just spam advertisement, and I don’t mind that the photo is backwards. However I do mind that we can’t see Beet’s boobies in the photo. What the hell is up with that?

  • I think everyone who professes to love them and ‘just bought one’ are friends of the seller under different names. Really, it’s just not that cute!

  • Very cute, but I have to agree, not paying $78 though, unless they contain the power of She-Ra. Then I am all for them. :)

  • Definitely cute but wayyyyy too pricey, I mean its just scraps of silk and until or unless she is designing + printing out the original fabric $78 is just not a fair price!