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Keira Knightley’s Look: Love It or Leave It?

I’d run the pics of Keira alone on the red carpet, but, oh wait, there aren’t any. She insisted on holding Sienna Miller’s hand the whole damn time. I don’t understand it and I don’t want to.

Oh, and I had the photo agency’s website programmed to display the oldest photos first — I did that to find the young pics of Nicole Richie I ran previously — but when I searched for these photos of Keira it actually brought up the earliest photos of her, including this one from the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in 2003. In. Sane. I want that stomach. Now.

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  • i actually like the way she herself looks in the earlier photo. i think a little bronzer and a smile would really make her look healthier. that said, she does look pretty fab here!

  • Oh Beet, tell me you don’t covet the visible skeleton look.

    As far as the first outfit goes: great below the waist, horrible above.

  • She’s awesome… she hasn’t changed a bit. love her; she is every artsy girl I hung out with in college.

  • Oh and Beet.. sad news. I just read Barack Obama loves almost all vegetables except for beets. They’re one of the only foods he absolutely won’t eat.

  • Keira Knightley is lovely! She has a beautiful smile. She should not pose with a RAT, but posing with Minnie is okay.

  • I love the new look…very cutsey and doll-like. I think the older pic of her looks bad. I would never want to have abs that defined…I’m fine having a flat stomach without sculpted muscles.

  • Um…so I used to use that photo of Keira as thinspiration when I was seriously ill. Please, please don’t aspire to that, Beet. Some people do like supposed “Buddha bellies.”

  • Are you high? She looks like a starving African child in that picture. Bitch needs to eat some cake. She couldn’t weigh more than 90lbs in that picture.

  • I can’t stand that girl. From her upside down smile to her annoying, self-deprecating humour, I find myself wanting to punch her. I can’t bring myself to watch her version of Pride and Prejudice because I just dislike her so much (and the BBC version kicked ass).

    So basically, anything she wears, I dislike.

  • well.. they weren’t really reposted. i thought wendie’s secretary of state thing was just the rumor that it sounded like obama was going to announce it on monday. and now it’s monday and officially announced, so beet posted that.

    and with this, the same pics were used, but they both had some different stuff in them.

    uhm it didn’t both me.

    and I am one of those too that doesn’t want to be THAT defined. it looks weird. i guess it could be okay, but i’d rather just have a thin less muscley tummy…. weird shirt anyway.

    whatev. i like both actresses, esp. keira

  • I’d really like it if the sweetheart line came at least halfway up her boobs. It’s looking kind of silly where it is now.

  • love it far! she’s amazing! beautifull and talent ? somebody need more that that? no , I think no
    i love you keira

  • @ persistant cat: i love the bbc version, too but i liked keira’s version of p & p as well even though i am not really a fan of hers. i thought she made a good elizabeth: smart, stubborn and fiery. you should try it, just for the woman who plays the mother (julie walters, i think?) – she is awesomely funny.

  • Ughh…. LEAVE IT! Her look is never going to work if she doesn’t eat, sorry. She looks anorexic and deathly. So yeah, no, no look is going to work if she looks malnourished and alien.

  • i use to have a stomach like that… like 4 months ago. then i discovered poptarts. i look ight though. Bravo.

  • Oh my god. LOVE that. The above picture.
    Admittedly I want a stomach like the below one too…but we’re supposed to be talking about her look on the red carpet, people.
    It looks so cute.