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I Don’t Care How You Feel About the Twilight Movie

This clip of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on Tyra’s show is worth watching just to hear Tyra spend a minute talking in a British accent, and behaving as though she is really, really good at it.

Also: Taylor Lautner is WAY HOTTER with short hair than with long. I didn’t think much of him in the film (he plays Jacob) but in this clip he’s definitely attractive.

Part II is after the jump.

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  • Ya I don’t really like Jacob in the books (any of them) he gets in the way IMHO but he is hott with short hair and such

  • ugh.. I couldn’t sit through 7 minutes of that bitch. She gets on my last nerve and just stomps on it. So fucking annoying

  • I cannot believe I just watched that whole thing – it’s amazing what I’ll do to avoid law revision.

    BTW is it just me or does anyone else want to slap Tyra when she does that sing-song thing on some words? I love the bitch but that really aggravates me.

  • i feel tired after watching that…..tyra banks is so annoying.

    but ahhhhhh to be a screaming annoying celebrity worshipping teenager again…. not that i was one… he he

  • Is it just me, or does this guy remind anyone of a young Robert Smith? All he needs is the smear of lipstick. :)

  • Lovely lads! The lady? Not as lovely! I freakin’ hate, okay, dislike, Tyra Banks, she’s soooo annoying.

    And making Robert bite her neck.. Dude, I’d do it, but hey, I’m about his age at least, she’s like.. this alien wacko-Jacko looking Grandma.

  • From now on you shall always post stills from the film when talking about this guy. He looks so much better on film than in photographs.


    I go up to the British accent, and couldn’t stomach the whole thing.
    I’m officially Tyrad out.

  • you know what’s annoying? that dumb bitch’s show is always on when i go to the gym… and it’s always on the tv in front of my favorite tread mill…

  • Oh come on, you might find her annoying but she’s not dumb.
    They were all flippin yampy though, and the audience scared the hell out of me. I would of gone backstage again. And that Bella person sounds like she’s calling him a “pimpire” in the film clip.

  • Omgg!!
    they are awesome
    i dont know
    why you hate tyra she is soo
    “robert bite me”
    i fell from the chair lol


  • I honestly can’t stand Tyra Banks. Every time I watch her I find myself yelling obscenities at whatever screen I am sitting/standing in front of. It’s just like a reflex. She honestly makes me want to fly to her house and slap her across the face. Does she honestly not play back tapes of herself and say, ‘yeah, i just made a total dick of myself’. CAN’T. STAND. HER. The more I see and hear of Robert Pattinson, the more of a wanker he becomes (hot yes, but still a wanker). I bet he ends up burnt out and alcoholic/drug addled. Bets anyone?

  • omg why would give out rob and taylor g-strings?? :S that’s just weird… i dont think she’s a very interesting host at all.. and yea to agree all of you that she’s quite dumb..

  • i duno what yall talking about i thought that was hilarious!
    ok yes she is an idiot but that is part of her charm
    ? Taylor ? love 4:25