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Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller Weigh the Same as I Do. Combined.

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller appeared together last night at The British Independent Film Awards in London.  I love Keira’s whole look.  The hair, dress, makeup.  Sienna looks ok but blah.  By the way, I’m pretty sure she got back together with Balthazar Getty.  Yeah, I didn’t care either.

Also there was Ralph Fiennes who looks really hot bald.  Anna Friel was there in a dress that looks just like the Play-Doh containers I have at my house when I let my kids mix all the colors together.  Well…when I used to let them have Play-Doh.  And Rupert Everett who was tagged as Rupert Graves all over the pap sites. 

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  • “I love Keira’s whole look.”

    Me too. Mostly because there’s not a snag/run in sight.
    Different head would also help. What I love the most is the last guy and the way his foundation matches his real skin….or maybe it’s his dates dress…

  • I think they are both precious.. skinnnnny but cute. I think they both look pretty good that thin… some people look sick, but it seems to work. although, yeah, they do appear a bit bobble-head-y. Esp. Keira. Oh, I don’t care, I love her.

  • i luvvv keira! she’s the cutest girl in the whole world! she loooks beautifull wearing anything ! sienna and her together are so cute!
    i love you keira!

  • OK could some men weigh in here (ha ha, no pun intended)…do you guys find this sexy?? The whole bobbleheaded, skin and bones, grab some mallets and play a tune on my clavicle with them, look? Are you turned on when a girl takes off her shirt and her boobs look like two flapjacks topped with a squashed prune but at least you have the fun of counting every single one of her ribs?

    Seriously. I am curious.

  • wow. i think lee is a little jealous here.

    some people are just naturally skinny like that. i think instead of embracing curvy women as “real” women, we should simply embrace whatever body type you have, whether it’s curvy, or flat-chested, or busty, or whatever.

  • I agree…except that when women are naturally skinny they are proportional. When their heads look like they’re too big to be supported by their necks, something is out of whack.

    Also Sienna Miller – naturally skinny, yes, but she’s easily dropped 20 pounds in like 6 weeks to scary-skinny.

  • I think Sienna is a beautiful lady with a real good sense of fashion. I don’t find Kiera attractive at all. She’s way too skinny and looks like a man!