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Oh You Wanted That Jewelry Back?

I guess the big story is that $125,000 in jewelry, lent to Winona Ryder for a Marie-Claire photo shoot, has gone missing.  The first version of this disaster was that Ryder reported the bracelet and ring missing after she gave them to a hotel employee to put in the safe.  Of course there were no surveillance tapes of that exchange happening and the story has now changed.  New reports are surfacing stating that she left jewelry and clothes from the shoot in her hotel room when she checked out because no one from Marie-Claire came by to collect them.  Seriously, just left the stuff in the room.  Like, where is her responsibility in this?  The dress and shoes weren’t stolen from the hotel room.  Just the diamonds natch.

And I’m over here in the corner thinking “Who the FUCK thought it was a good idea to loan over 100k in jewelry to Winona Ryder?  Do we actually forget her chewing inventory sensors off of satin hair bows in Barneys dressing room?  I wouldn’t loan this chick a Bic.”  Now listen, I have no idea if she stole the gems or not.  I’m merely suggesting that a felon with a propensity for prescription drugs may not be the one you leave unattended with Bulgari diamonds.

And yes, the bracelet in the picture is the AWOL bracelet.

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  • this girl is askew….a self-important, arrogant, living with the fairies nutso…

    if she has real mental issues then i must apologise 4 the comments, otherwise, she needs attending to & does not deserve to have the benefits of being rich or famous and should be taught a lreal lesson by having to work a normal job to earn a living…for life!

  • Ugh I miss the 90s. When Tom+Nicole were still together, when Brad wasn’t so boring, when Angelina was interesting, when Winona Ryder didn’t go bonkers…life was good then.

  • She is your typical thieving drug addict. What was Marie-Claire thinking? You know someone is going to get fired. That sucks!

  • yeah but when’s she ever gonna get to wear it if she DID steal them? she’ll be photographed and then the jig’s up!

  • whaaaat? winona’s a drug addict? i didn’t know. was she in rehab? anyway, this is a weird photo, but she looks awesome in that color.

  • LOVE the haircut! she ALWAYS had really cute short do! long hair doesn’t suit her as well (like in Dracula) I am curious to see how it will all end, did she steal the jewels or not? I guess we will have to wait and see huh?!!

  • she is so badass.. lmao
    still a great actress.. she can steal all she wants and I will still watch girl, interrupted every few weeks.

  • tick-tock. winona , honey, the clock on your youthful beauty is like 10 minutes to midnight. you better develop some genuine personality/talent quickly or its a toss-up tween celebrity rehab or a lifetime movie for you.

  • Maybe this is typical of our nation- everyone is commenting on her look!?!?
    She is a disaster!!!!

  • Hang on, didn’t she collapse on the flight from the USA to Heathrow, en route to Spain? This photo is from the gig in Spain – she seems totally recovered.