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Twilight Is A Smash Hit

Really, is this in any way surprising?  Twilight box office receipts this weekend topped $70M.  It’s the largest weekend opening for a movie directed by a woman ever.  To all that have seen it, reviews please!

I haven’t read the books or seen the movie but the sequel New Moon has already been confirmed.  Have you heard the story of the author of the series, Stephenie Meyer?  No experience as a writer (save a B.A. in English), had a dream, woke up and wrote it down.  And now…really, really rich.

And finally, why can I just not get behind the whole Robert Pattinson craze?

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  • i love the books. and the movie, well u can call it entertaining. it had no flow. it was basically things they took from the book fucked up the way things were supposed to be said and called it a movie. but it was entertaining. whoever directs harry potter should help out.

  • For me, it’s his hair. It looks dirty. And why in the hell would anyone willingly go out looking like they just rolled out of bed. I mean, I do sometimes, but its to take my kids to school, not a movie premiere.

  • I loved the movie. I am addicted to the books. It’s passion like I’ve never read.

    I think the thing with Pattinson (and that picture is just not right), is that he now embodies the passion that we have all been reading about.

    You could tell it was a low-budget movie, but I loved the steam between Edward and Bella in the movie.

  • I read the books and the first two were good. The last two were shite, sorry, but they really were.

    Pattinson does not embody what Edward looked like in my head. And while I think Pattinson’s interviews are hilarious (could he be any more obvious that he doesn’t want to do any more Twilight movies), I just don’t think he’s attractive enough to be Edward. Edward is like a sculpture, pure perfection, like Chace Crawford or someone. Pattinson is attractive in a very real way, like a real guy, not a fantasy.

  • Lol you can tell she had no experience as a writer because Twilight is written like a bad fan fic. It’s like some 5th grader just learned about vampires and decided to try and write a book about it.

  • I read the books and they were good, I imagine if I were a teenager I would have enjoyed them more. My daughter is a Huge fan though and she saw the movie and came home incredibly dissapointed. They made tons of money at the box office but so many of the kids who went to see it went home disappointed, her friends all said the same thing.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh Here we go, ready?

    DON’T read this if you don’t want me to basically spoil it for you.

    I read the book and although I was completely and fully aware of the fact that there were a MILLION plot holes, I totally didn’t mind. I wanted to be forgiving because I wanted to story to work, and it did. I read that book in 6 hours (at night, instead of sleeping) and then proceeded to buy the next 3 in a matter of 7 days (I discovered this saga a few months ago, right when book 4 came out.)

    The book is good if you like that type of story. It’s awesome, it works. It appeals to the girly-girl in all of us, the female yearning of wanting to be an every day girl yet appeal to the most mysterious guy ever. It appeals a million percent to all your secret little romantic fantasies. It’s 600 pages of romantic foreplay.

    When I saw the trailer, I was a bit worried because Robert P. just didn’t seem like the Edward I had mentally. He was good looking, but not THAT good looking. Bella was actually too exotic at first, like she wasn’t as simple as I had seen her in my mind. I got over it, hoping the trailer was just not what I had hoped for and got over it.

    Then I went to see the movie.

    They tried to make Edward appeal to emo kids, which I found to be a really cheap cheap cheap trick, he didn’t go a good job at being dramatic and intense, he didn’t do a good job at being anything else that wasn’t just human. His hair is shit in the movie (and I HAAAAAATE the way he wears it now. UGH.) and there was too much eye-liner and pasty make up. HE just didnt look as hot as he could have.

    The special effects were total and absolute SHIT. I mean SHIT. I have never seen such shitty special effects in a big Hollywood hit.

    Bella’s relationship with her father, friends, Jacob, and Edward were lacking. She is anti-social, but she makes friends (which they didn’t show enough) Her father is quiet, but they talk, (which they didnt show enough) Jacob is distant, but only until the end chapters (which they didnt show), and Edward…well jesus the relationship was shit. The other vampires needed more camera time, more explanation…they should have gone MORE into detail, explained more, shown more. Put more effort into it.

    Despite all of this, I would see it again. I forgave it for being bad, because they had 30 million dollars (or something like that) as a budget and that just doesn’t seem fair. I forgave it though because I want to see Bella and Edward’s story on film, not just in my mind…

    I’m jsut glad I’m also a hard-core potter fan because that means I still have something to look forward to. (despite the fact the release date being moved on to July.)

    The movie was shit, the only reason why it’s such a success is because of the thousands of teen girls who don’t care it was shit.

    You have to be open and forgiving and realize that you’re in for a million and one cheesy moments of wanting to hold back laughter in moments that AREN’T supposed to be funny.

    So there you go.

  • If I was an actor, I would have applied for the part of Bella. Totally. Just to make out with Robert.

    I think I would make a good little sister to Alice. Yup. lol….

    I am gonna read the books now that I have finally heard of TWILIGHT. I am so in the dark about these things.

    Way to go Robert! Very bold of you to talk of such things as that you liked making out with Bella. lol.

    I would LOVE to be stuck in a dark ally with that boy. Oh yeah I would. Him and Jackson.

    I loved the movie, and I have not even read the books. So bite me, haters.

  • Spike is still the only vampire for me. Well, Angel too (but only if Spike isn’t around or he’s willing to join us).

  • seriously, Liberty hit the nail on the fricken head. great book series, but the movie was lacking. i did however find myself with a bit of a crush on rob at the end

  • I read the entire series and it was amazing. The movie was disappointing, as expected. People (including myself) just went to see Edward portrayed in person. That’s where the Robert craze is coming from.

  • I’m sort of the opposite of most people; I enjoyed the movie but am not a fan of the books.

    I feel Twilight and its companions are overly verbose and poorly written. While they may be entertaining, their lack of quality is appalling for published pieces. My biggest compliant is that Edward comes off to me as an emotionally abusive jerk, reminding me of both of the two emotionally abusive boyfriends I’ve had the misfortune of having. He is overly protective to the point of being far too controlling, keeps Bella from her friends, and frequently refuses to not just heed to but to even consider her own desires.

    What worries me most is that this is the guy hoards of teenage girls are swooning over. From having been with a guy like this, I hurt for them.

    Conversely, in the movie I genuinely liked Edward and he seemed far less of a negative influence on Bella, who also seemed to improve my growing a personality. Maybe I liked it because I went in with few expectations, thus being happily surprised.

    Feel free to disagree with me, I don’t in any way assume my opinion is the final, definitive view on the subject. I’d just prefer you to do it in a non-raging fangirl “OMG yur lyke teh antichrist 4 h8ing Edward,” kind of way. :)

  • i thought the third book was OK. the last book was just way over and beyond.

    Like far-fetching. Like “how can I outdo myself?” and like her head exploded, and that’s how the fourth book came about. But at least i got the ending i wanted lol. at the very very last part lol.

  • the movie is so horrendous, and the acting and editing are even worst. i made the guy im dating come with me to see it, and im so incredibly sorry idk how i will ever make it up to him. thaaaats how bad this movie is, and i actually kinda liked the books.

  • That’s a horrible picture.

    The movie was alright. It was obvious that it was low budget. Pattinson didn’t portray Edward correctly. Edward was supposed to be smooth, collected, and basically able to bend anyone to his whim. In the movie he’s as awkward as Bella. I think they could have done a much better job with the movie, but I wasn’t repulsed by it. I’d see it again.

  • Everyone knows Twilight is a little cheesy, a little over-the-top. And none of its fans care, because the love story at the heart of it is suprisingly affecting and powerful.

    I haven’t see the film yet, but I’m expecting it to be…okay.

    As for the obsession people have with Rob, obviously the main reason is that a lot of people think he’s gorgeous, myself included. But he’s also a great actor and musician and one of the nicest guys. I think he’s still a little bewildered by all the fame he’s receiving.

    Pretty much every professional review I’ve read regards Rob’s acting as a highlight of the film, and Kristin’s acting (and almost everyone else’s) as a major flaw. Regardless of whether or not he portrays Edward ‘correctly’ (lol @ Katy), he plays him well. Or so I’ve heard. I guess I should reserve judgement until I’ve actually seen the movie, huh?

  • I always thought rob was a hottie. and I like him even more now that I see that hes actually really weird.

    As a reader, I loved the movie. I loved that it was low-budget. the soundtrack was amazing.. it was a pretty weird movie but they did really good at following the book. Felt more indie than studio, you know?
    As a movie lover, it wasnt the greatest… some serious moments I couldnt help but laugh. and OMG.. I was surrounded by teenage girls and their reluctant parents/brothers/boyfriends. When Edward first appeared on the screen people were actually clapping. I was embarrassed. lol.

    All of the vampires are totally hot, too. i liked it.

  • the movie just wasn’t good
    all my friends came out ready to see it again once or twice just this weekend… but i wouldn’t
    the quality was terrible [really, you had to know it was be huge… why not invevst a litttttle more in it!]
    robert pat. is completely and insanely beautiful but he’s not an actor and he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be one
    he should stick to his modeling and music
    kristen stuart is just too damn pretty to be bella
    the characters are all jacked up and behave nothing like they did in the books [which are WONDERFUL] and nothing waslike i hoped
    it was a let down

  • I actually listened to some of the Twilight series and found myself heartily wishing that each time Bella barely escapes death, that, maybe, just maybe this time, she really would die.

    Bella and Edward are about the most annoying couple ever.

  • You know, he was hot as Cedric. And he’s hot in the vanity fair pictures of him and kristen stewart. but otherwise…unh. No. He doesn’t really do it for me.

  • It was the worst movie of my life! Horrible casting, acting, and damn it all there was so much in that movie that wasn’t in the book at all! They butchered that movie to f-ing death man!

  • liberty is so entirely right, especially about the fufilling every fantasy part. I’m not even a huge girly-girl and I feel like an idiot for loving the books other than the 4th one which was crap. The movie was just bad, but I was with my friends when I saw it so just like everyother fangirl in the theater I screamed when rob came on. I certainly don’t regret seeing it because it was so FUNNY! And because Jackson/Jasper always looks constipated or something D: I also laughed at the girls wearing twilight shirts and after I felt bad ;)

  • seriously…. the book is so much better then the movie. sure the movie was entertaining.. but if i didnt read the book and i just ended watching the movie.. my response would have been “WTF, WASTE OF MY MONEY”

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have read the books. They are complete dross and Stephenie Meyer’s writing is absolutely atrocious. They are cringe worthy, very entertaining, but uncomfortable to read in some parts (I actually get embarrased for her). They are the teenage answer to Mills and Boon. I have a sneaking suspicion that her motive was to live vicariously through Bella (does anyone else see the similarities?) But anyway, now she is rich, rich, rich. Next time I have a pathetic, sappy, immature daydream to make up for some missing romance and excitement in my life, I’m totally writing it down. Good on her though. And I hear you about Robert Pattinson. I don’t get it either.

  • You have to know that when a series comes out that is so popular and well-loved and blahblah, you are going to have people that have a certain unreachable expectation of how the movie is going to be…I think no matter how good the movie is ( which i have not seen) , you are always going to have the group of people who love it and the group of people who hate it.

  • Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory is the only Robert Pattinson me and my panties will ever accept. School uniform or nothing.

  • I haven’t seen the movie, but in no picture or film clip that I’ve seen does Robert Pattinson make me do anything other than wonder if his parents were maybe related to each other.

  • Robert Pattinson is a two face – remember the Seinfeld episode? Sometimes he looks good, other times he looks like he stumbled into some seriously bad lighting.

    I am reading the book, based on my niece’s suggestion… I am finding it to be… eh.

  • Robert is NOT good looking out of character at all. He grew on me in the movie, but other than that he needs lots of help. Maybe he should have the movie set stylist follow him around.

  • Will somebody please explain this whole obsession that teenage girls have with vampires? I know it has some twisted erotically-based foundation, but what is such a turn-on about some 700-year-old man sucking all of the blood out of you?

  • I’ve read the books as well, and now, I’m what you’d call a book worm.. I’ve read tons of books, mostly thick, deep books and then, I’ve read Twilight.

    And I liked it. It’s kind of like junk food.. The writing isn’t really all that in a bag of potatoes, like someone mentioned, it might as well have been some fan girl or a fifth grader for all I now. Like a MacD cheeseburger.. We all now it’s like crap. No hint of quality what so ever. Yet we crave it for some reason. That’s how I feel about Twilight. I know it’s kind of crap, yet I devoured the entire series in less than a week.

    I don’t know what to make of it. It’s junk. I will defo see the movie though..

  • If anyone’s still looking at this post and reading comments, provided you saw the movie, what did you think of the actor who played Charlie (Bella’s dad)?

    Personally, I thought he was the highlight of the film in which most of the acting was lackluster.

    He reminded me somewhat of the father character in Prancer, who is gruff yet sweet below the surface.

  • Ok I just discovered the series “True Blood yesterday” and have been watching it online…

    but I am in complete SHOCK at the amount of similarities there are between the two sagas so far…granted im only on episode 5 so that might be the end of it all……but still!!!!

  • I HATEDDDDDD Kristen for this part. She just seemed like she didn’t have ANY emotion at all. She always sounded pissed off, or emotionless. I’m 100% sure they couldve found a better Bella. For me, she just didn’t fit the part.

  • Bia, Lou and GreyEyes. I COMPLETELY Agree.
    Edward and Bella remind me of my best friend and her boyfriend- he is scarily controlling and she worships him beyond comprehension. The writing is so atrocious I can’t believe I actually got through the first two books. I started reading the third but I found myself so bored and ready to throttle the next person to walk past me because I just couldn’t stand another page of Bella’s swooning. BUT, I loved Jacob. I can’t explain it. I think he’s the only reason I got as far as I did in the series.
    I went into the movie expecting the worst. When I first saw who they cast (before the release) I thought they’d gotten it all wrong and the trailers seemed dull. But I came out pleasantly surprised. Despite the incessant squealing from all the 14 year olds I really enjoyed the film. It was quirky, stylistically interesting, had some pretty good music and it was funny. That’s not to say there were no flaws- Kirsten’s acting was pretty iffy (she’s very stiff) and the special effects were utterly ridiculous. But I found myself actually LIKING Edward, not to mention (Beet, I agree with ya here) Rob just embodied SEX on screen. It’s possible I just got caught up in all the angst and drama the tweens were emitting into the air by the tons, but I would see it again. And maybe…just maybe give the books a second chance.

    (*side note! I suggest “The Host”. It’s Stephenie Meyer’s other book. The writing is MUCH better and the lead characters are a trillion times less annoying. I fell in love with it over the summer when it came out!)

  • FINALLY some twilight coverage!!!! please keep it up! and you dont think he’s hot because you need to read the books!!! then you will understand!!!

    K.S didnt make the part as bella at all
    she was soo dead and emotionless
    they could have found someone better haha

    i love the books but
    i found the movie dissapointing though
    robert looks extremely sexy :D

  • So yeah he is hot and famous but who give’s a fuk he was in a really good movie that i want to buy as soon as it come’s out not just because he is a spunk and a half but because the movie has a a good story line and is really good i think everyone need’s to get over all the celebrity shit and let them live there live’s the way they want normal people can be prick’s and bitch’s but as soon as someone famouse does it it’s a huge deal seriously who care’s dont get me wrong i would not hesitate to give him my number but im not gunna run around going oh my god will you bite me and act like an imature kid because you might think he is hot ad have a crush on him in the movie but that is just a caricter he is not really like that all use girl’s need to get over it already and use boy’s that have shit to say and pay him out are just jelouse because the world does not evolve around you later’s people.

  • OMG HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE ROBERT!!!@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG that movie twilight sucked it was like livving hell and rob is cheating on his girl with camilla joes girl thats fucked up im telling joe on you camilla i love you girl love the movie 10,000 bc but rob is ugly
    and back offf joe or me and you are giong to have some sourios problems ok cause if he breaks up with you u better not do the same thing taylor swift did
    love mrs joe jonas=)

  • OMG that movie twilight sucked it was like livving hell and rob is cheating on his girl with camilla joes girl thats fucked up im telling joe on you camilla i love you girl love the movie 10,000 bc but rob is ugly
    and back offf joe or me and you are giong to have some sourios problems ok cause if he breaks up with you u better not do the same thing taylor swift did
    love mrs joe jonas=)

  • I agree and disagree. He’s the sexiest man alive but I like the movie because it’s really, really great. Those damn stalker need to LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! I can imagine what robert has to go through every time he step out the door, and he almost got hit by a car becuase of the stupid girls. And Kristen is a great actress for Bella regardless.

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