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Being a Good Daddy

Russell Crowe takes his kiddos, Charles and Tennyson, for a walk during a break from filming on State of Play.

The kiddos?

Seriously cute.


Not so much.

Personally, I never understood the Russell Crowe obsession; I never found him attractive. But now? I find him damn near repulsive. Like, if I saw him walking toward me on the street I’d run in the opposite direction. He looks like he smells funny. And I wish his son would get his fingers out of daddy’s hair. Forget lice — there are probably small villages of cockroaches in there.

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  • Now that’s funny! I never found RC handsome either, but somehow in this picture he looks good to me. Maybe him just being a father, not put together like a celeb, makes him attractive? Anyway, the kid is cute and in this pic, so is RC (probably the only time I’ll ever think RC is cute).

  • you seriously need to watch L.A. Confidential. not only is it just a super duper totally awesome movie, but you will never again wonder what anyone ever saw in him. bud white!

  • Wow, you are missing the boat on that I-can’t-understand-his-appeal thing. He is totally male, totally sexy & hot. Not to mention an incredible actor. The kids are cute too.

  • I like him because he save my favourite football team:

    The South Sydney Rabbitoh’s.

    You see him all the time wearing all the merchandise.

  • why is Russell all bundled up in long sleeves, a jacket, and scarf when the kids are in t-shirts and shorts? He’s like a male Katie Holmes.

  • Joan, if you’re referring to me, I saw LA Confidential, indeed a great movie, but RC’s “sex appeal” is still completely lost upon me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  • I thought he was hawt in Gladiator but time has not been kind to him. In fact he has the face of an alcoholic. Does he drink? This could explain the dissisipated (spelling?) face.

  • Heck, I’d let him eat crackers in bed. He’s on the set of “State of Play” right now and that is why he is dressed like that.

    There’s something really sexy bout a guy who is a good daddy… to me. Love his eyes as well and that mouth. Reckon I still think he’s hot.

  • For my money, it’s hard to find anything about Russell Crowe that ISN’T hot! Like Bridgid, I’d let him eat crackers in bed. Or chips, or anything else he wanted!

  • finally someone who agrees with me… I always thought Rusell Crowe wasn’t hot at all but kinda like…UGLY. D:
    Cute kid, though.

  • I’m not sure why people confuse his character roles with the man. He is an actor he portrays different characters. A character an actor plays is not the man he is, it is his job. There are many instances that preparing for a character does spill over into his personal life. As in gaining or loosing weight for a role changing hair styles, color etc. But it is part of his job and when he is done with the character he is generally done with the look. Russell as himself is very laid back very masculine person. No pretty boy metrosexualness about him. I have always found him to be very attractive. I don’t always think all his characters are equally attractive. But I can also see the difference between the man and the character. Everyone has a different idea as to what is attractive or not and if Russell doesn’t float your boat so be it. But leave the man and his kids alone.

  • the kids cute. but this pic reminds me of a lil monkey pulling bugs out of a bigger monkeys fur…..and eating them