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That Looks Just Lovely, Juliette

Juliette Lewis reminds us all what fantastic fashion sense she has at the 5th Anniversary of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party in NYC on Tuesday night.

Also there: big names in design like John Galliano, Erin Fetherston, Andre Leon Talley, Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenburg, Vera Wang and Tory Burch, plus actresses and models like Charlize Theron, Blake Lively, Agyness Deyn, Brooklyn Decker, Doutzen Kroes, Jennifer Morrison, Piper Perabo and Maria Sharapova.

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  • Somewhere, in some back alley, one of the women of Abba is laying naked after being beaten and striped of her clothes. And her shoes look like stuffed coy fish.

    Riddle me this, who is John Gallianno and why is he like a cross between The Riddler and circa 1983 Prince?

  • Juliette Lewis is a Scientologiest, so no matter what I can not like her.

    so is her sister, Eathan Suplee’s wife and of course Jason Lee and every second guest star on my name is Earl…..

  • Wow…I had no idea they even made the uber-saddlebags spangly jumpsuit anymore. Or maybe Juliette reached way back into her closet for that one. Way, waaaaaaay back…like all the way to 1984.

    Some fashion trends are just not coming back, people, no matter how hard you try. And yeah X-tina, I’m talking to you too. Put down that Hubba Bubba lipstick shade, the psychadelic hot pink lips are staying buried in the ’80s with swatches and scrunchies where they belong.

  • I tried on that exact same unitard at a costume shop about a month and a half back, no joke. Except mine was far superior, it had a bow.

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