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Ashlee Simpson Hasn’t Given Birth Yet

Despite the rumors all over the Internets this weekend, Ashlee Simpson is still as pregnant as ever. Pete actually phoned into the TRL finale last night to assure fans that Ashlee hadn’t gone into labor yet — although he skipped the finale, on which his band performed, which means she’s due any minute now. Although anyone with basic math skills could have figured that one out.

Poor Ashlee. I’m pretty sure she’s past her due date at this point. She must be so freakin’ ready to pop out this kid.

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  • Hey Beet, I am not trying to distract from Ashley’s special moment. But we should start a poll. How long it takes her to lose the baby weight. I say 4 weeks. Her fat sister started working out again.
    Jessica is so jealous and embarrassed to be the same size as her younger pregnant sister. She has to loose weight. Ashley rocked that yellow bikini!

  • I feel for the poor girl. My friend recently went through two false labors before they finally induced her and month after the first one.

  • SHE HAS BEEN PREGNANT FOR YEARS NOW. No I’m kidding, but seriously, that is one long pregnancy! She’s been pregnant forever!