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Why Does MTV Hate Us?

According to Audrina Patridge, there will be a 5th season of The Hills.  I don’t know what the public has done to deserve this but apparently the four remaining fans launched an aggressive letter writing campaign and have prevailed.

Audrina was really bummed out because she wanted to do more movies.  I don’t blame her.  She’s currently filming Sorority Row which is about a bunch of college girls who kill their housemother.  And once you’ve had your hands on quality material like that, who needs a gig like The Hills?  Audrina, people can’t afford to keep their homes.  You are being paid  35k an episode to inflict your talentless self upon innocent channel surfers.  Be grateful.

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  • Thank god that there are people like you that are flabbergasted by the lack of talent, yet abundance of money for shit reality tv show roles…I thought we settled the ridiculous-ness of reality tv with “Real world/and or/road rules” ? Reality tv is just a spawn of the paris hilton ideal..”as long as you have big titties and can cause drama between are GOLDEN!” yea I respectfully disagree…thats what I like to call whoring yourself out for money…but come on..where are you gunna get the cash for those fake tits if you don’t?

    love your site and everything about it =)


  • Why do people still watch that shit?
    Why wont they admit its fake?
    Why are these people famous?

    I need answers!
    Wow, Audrina actually doesnt look a mess in this pic. I have those tights. :D

  • I still don’t know who this chick is, but I’ve noticed that in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE she is looking up. Is the ceiling really that interesting? Or is it that her eyes are just like that? ……

  • she does look up in every picture

    are her eyes permently like that ?
    and if they are id hate to be in a car with her driving

    i mean it would be like ” woahhh audrina watch the road ”
    audrina: ” I am cant you tell ?”
    “err not really i thought you were staring at the sky again “

  • she’s a retard, they all are!
    what i don’t get is why they get paid all that money
    i hate all of them!

    i watched a bit of the show, and i must agree with Charlize Theron,
    Its a show about nothing!
    Such a waste of time

  • this will only make sense to seinfeld fans. did you ever see that one where jerry’s brain and his penis are playing chess? i feel like that with girls like this; my brain knows they’re not worth anything but damnit, i almost let my penis win….she’s hot.

    the real question is who is hotter her or lauren conrad? (i’m embarassed as a straight guy that i know this), but i would have to say lauren has the face, but audrina has the body