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Larry King Is So Over Wife No. 6

Shawn Southwick, wife of Larry King, went into rehab in June.  The official word was that she was addicted to painkillers that she took for migraines.  I’m thinking that a sandwich and a divorce could go a long way towards curing what ails her.  Because you know Larry King is a bastard to be married to.  His six previous unions (he married one chick twice) total twenty-two years.  And Southwick, single-handedly has put up with him for eleven.  She is so far past her expiration date.  I predict a “we part as close friends, please respect our privacy at this difficult time” statement by January 1st.  And yes, he looked like he was getting checked for polyps in every single picture he appeared in with his wife.

Anyway, I think Shawn needs some more rehab.  Last night, at Larry King’s 75th birthday celebration, Southwick looked like a walking corpse.  And that was always Larry’s role.  It’s a miracle Larry King even had a 75th birthday party.  This dude had quintuple bypass surgery twenty-one years ago.  I remember thinking then that he was on borrowed time.  He has managed to get engaged four times and married twice since.  Larry King is a machine.

As an aside, do you think Paulina Rubio could be Larry King’s love child?

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  • shit, who wouldn’t be a fucking drug addict if they had to be married to a walking corpse that looks like he just stepped off the set of the thriller video shoot. i suggest the money grabbing bitch asphyxiate skeletor by stuffing a pair of suspenders down his throat. how he ever ended up on television is a mystery to me. he’s dispensable and has been for his entire career. happy birthday larry.

  • Definitely feel for Shawn but what’s really important here is – what on God’s green earth is Phoebe Price wearing?!? And who taught her to pose in this fashion?

  • lol.. look at this.. i never thought for a second that anybody that’s not mexican (or spanish i suppose…) would know who paulina rubio is.. That was weird that you mentioned her..

  • everytime i see him i hear the same thought in my head, of him making that frankenstein “buhhhhr” sound, if you know what i’m talking about. he looks like he’s always making that sound. and have you seen his show these last few years? what kind of a talk show is it when the host just sits there blankly staring over dead air? ask a question larry.

    and did you hear his new (and i guess now old) wife who’s mormon i guess, was having sex with some young guy on his desk?

  • My gf suffers from episodic migranes like she does and one of the meds they give you is a non narcodic that suppresses these peoples appetite. Its is unfortunately a side effect that comes with trying to live with severe migranes. Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver recently came out and suffer from these as well. They aren’t your average “headaches.” Do some research before you blast people on why they are so thin. If you need some reading material email me your addy and will send you some literature.