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In Case You Missed It

Check out Justin Timberlake’s brilliant stint on SNL last night.

Can we just make him a regular cast member already?

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  • His Weekend Update appearance was awesome. He quickly ran-through an entire episode’s content if he were to host. It was hilarious.

  • He said that he was supposed to host next week, but couldn’t for some reason. If that is true, what the hell could be more important? It’s Tim McGraw hosting next week… blech. Justin is always SO great when he’s on. This Beyonce clip is just awesome. I almost spit out my drink last night when they came out in the onesies!

  • lol that is EXACTLY what I said.. they need to lock him in. those heels are amazing.

    every time JT is on there its like the SNL we all knew and love- you know, like the Andy Kaufman days or having Dan Akroyd doing weekend update. not that I am that old or anything.. I just have old seasons on DVD… anyways…

  • Beyonce looks GORGEOUS! It’s amazing how sometimes she can look so busted and other times she’s glamourous as hell. And as much as I don’t want to like JT, he’s hi-freakin-larious!

  • I’m never one to masturbate to JT or anything, but he is the real thing–triple threat!!! And to be able to do this?! I’m sold.

  • Yeah, that was pretty good, hella funny! Justin Timberlake’s got great comic timing, with his little “we’re the dancers,” too hilarious! Great little clip, thanks Wendie!

  • I have a newfound love for JT… I think he’s almost a better dancer than Beyonce. ;) I also have a huge crush on Paul Rudd.

  • I adore Paul Rudd… but not enough to watch SNL last night. That skit was pretty funny though. So JT was just there as sort of a guest star?

  • omg, that was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever watched! LOVED IT! Kind of reminded me of the old “muppet” shows though, I don’t know why lolol

  • OH…. MY… GOD…. lmaooooooooooooo everytime Justin does something it’s amazing and it makes me love him even more..

  • I’m not even a Timberlake fan, but this skit had my crying. While I don’t really dig his music that much, as a comic entertainer he’s pretty damn good. As for making him a regular on SNL? I vote no — he’s actually funny, and funny is not allowed on this program hardly anymore. He should be getting his own variety show before Jon Mayer.

  • I saw this skit at 12:30 AM the other night. :D I thought it was funny. At the same time, I can’t stand JT anymore. He got annoying and cocky-seeming.

  • ba ha ha, just saw it. I will be saying “we’re the dancers’ all week.

    Paul Rudd was reminding me of Christopher Walken asking for more cowbell.