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Cindy McCain Caught Cheating???

Interesting timing.

Just a week after John McCain lost his Presidential bid, the National Enquirer released a story accusing Cindy McCain of having an on-going affair with another man. They even have a grainy photo! Of a woman who looks VAGUELY like Cindy McCain kissing a man who looking NOTHING like John McCain.

“I couldn’t believe I was watching Cindy McCain passionately kissing and hugging another man!”

That’s the stunned reaction of an eyewitness who says he watched in shock – and snapped photos – as the former presidential candidate’s wife romantically kissed a long-haired man who resembles “a washed-up ’80s rock musician.”

Sources told The ENQUIRER investigative team the pair have been seen at concerts and sporting events acting very lovey-dovey

I don’t buy this for a second, especially since it was released after the election. If the Enquirer had faith in their story, they would have run it during the election. It would have generated more attention and sales then. But since it was total bullshit, they chose to run it afterward so they wouldn’t take as much heat when it proved to be false.

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  • ThiThis is really reaching for news. No one believes any thing that the National Enquirer.
    On another note, have you seen John McCain? He doesn’t look that…well.. Um… adventurous. Maybe they adopted children because there are problems in that area.
    Or maybe, John finds all that ‘bleach’ blond smell on the pillow too much and has turned to Sarah Palin.
    Besides, that looks like Holly Madison.

  • Well, the National Enquirer did get the whole John Edwards thing right.

    Still, I doubt that Cindy McCain would be out a “concerts and sporting events” acting “lovey dovey” with a man other than her husband. And, I agree…flannel? No way!

    (is that Julio Iglesias?)

  • well is either Cindt Mccain or one of the girl’s next door, or Heidi Montag, or Ana Farris, or just some random cheerleader…

  • it would be fun, but lets be realistic that is not Cindy McCain, that doesn’t mean that i like the woman and i just hope thats Cindy, but I don’t think she’s that stupid to make a mistake like that after her husband lost.

  • this is BS
    how exaclty can a presidential canidates wife……WHO IS PRACTITCLY WATCHED CONSTATLY BY THE MEDIA have an affair and go to concerts with them.
    trust me if she was really having an affair we would have know WAYYYYY LONGER THEN today.

  • Dirt. Why does dirt always sell. Why does the American people feed off this type of dirt. Give me facts other than a photo that you can’t even make out. I thought the American people believes in freedom and fairness for all. I dare you ask out President elect Obama his opinions on this.

  • Well lets look at the facts. She got caught stealing drugs from a charity she worked for to feed her addiction. John McCain and her don’t even live in the same home and only have a marriage of convenience.

    Ya, she isn’t getting any on the side…and Palin is a rocket scientist secretly working for Nasa.

  • Can’t possibly be her….Cindy McCain has hair like a ratty old Barbi doll you found in the bottom of your closet. The woman in the picture has a thick mane of hair. No way could Cindy pull her hair back and have those results. Find your old ratty Barbi and prove it for yourself.

  • Even IF this weren’t total BS (which it clearly is), who could blame her for cheating on a man who calls her a cunt in public? Or, for that matter, anywhere.

  • Ha! Those Anonymous conservative clowns are hilarious. They are about as funny as your trillion dollar debt.