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Back in the Spotlight!

Now that the election’s over, John McCain gave an endearing interview on Jay Leno’s show Tuesday night. Here are some of the highlights. Why couldn’t you have been this charismatic and adorable while you were running for office, John?

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  • That whole “sad grandpa” bit from SNL must have got to me, because I totally feel like he’s a sweet old sad grandpa now. Poor Johnnie. Great interview bits.

  • i dont think his handlers would allow him to act like that. i think that his concession speech was more who he is as a politician, but they had a different idea of how he should be. i think if he would stuck to himself the election would have been much closer. in any case im glad obama won.

  • sweet interviews won’t make up for the fact that was bush’s lap dog for 8 years and helped get us into the mess that obama will have to clean up.

  • he’s comfortable now because he doesn’t have to try to figure out how to fix this mess we’re in now that he’s not president-elect. instead, the old fucker gets to sit back and enjoy making the talk show circuit yucking it up instead of saving our sadsack economy. he’s a dick that ran an idiotic campaign that never had a chance. and thank god for that.

  • Much as I join the much of the world in basking in the glory of Obama’s victory, I always thought McCain the Man was far more likable than McCain the politician.

    I can’t help but feel that even McCain not completely remorseful of his loss. It doesn’t matter – I’m still pouring the champagne while there’s still time to celebrate. And then we start the hard work.