Today Is About Nudity and Puppies

It was only a matter of time before somebody snuck a cell phone camera into Equus and got some quality footage of Daniel Radcliffe’s nether regions. And by that I mean his penis. Yeah, it’s a penis. You will also see breasts and vaginas. The video is after the jump. It’s NSFW, but it’s art, dammit.



  1. lolly says:

    i am NOT looking at harry potter’s magic wand. nosiree.

  2. Cor a Looker says:

    omg omg . I can’t watch the whole thing. I can’t. I’m home alone yelling “It’s wobbling about! IT. IS. WOBBLING. ABOUT!” My cats are not amused seeing as they don’t see a cat treat wobbling about….or maybe they do.


  3. GetYourAdverbsHere says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! And for the record, that’s me doing the screaming version, not the opening-wide-and-going version.

  4. hil says:

    that was acting? i don’t think so. but it was fucking hilarious.

  5. dylan555 says:

    Wow, that play looks awful. No wonder why it has so much nudity. The acting and writing are horrible.

  6. Megnolia says:

    omg. i wish i hadn’t just watched that.

  7. lolly says:

    theyre sleeping right now. at least, two of them are. somone moved the camera to block out the rest of the room.

    i hope the others are safe. im worried!

  8. taryn says:


    nope just really small

  9. layley says:

    yeah can i get those two minutes of my life back?
    what the fuck was that?

  10. massie says:


  11. TSS says:

    OMG…How could you watch this? You people are REALLY sick mother fuckers!…..

    You knew what you were about to see, but you clicked play anyway.

    Atleast we now know who on here mastubates to perverted child porn….

    1. Lolly
    2. Cor A Looker
    3. GetYourAdverbsHere
    4. hil
    5. Dylan
    6. (reserved for DonkeyPunch)
    7. Megnolia

    I really thought better of a couple of these names…but…you never know where the freaks are. Make a list people …

    And the ones that come back to defend themselves are the REAL sick perverts…. the one you keep away from your babies….

    DISGUSTING NASTY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!…. please don’t ever reply to my comments…..

  12. Molly says:

    Those are some mighty big balls.

  13. lolly says:

    TSS you douchebag, did i not say i wasn’t looking?

    i swear the smartest thing to ever come out of your mouth was a penis!

  14. Nichole says:

    AHH DISTURNG! i cant ever see him as ANYTHING else other then Harry potter. I JUST SAW HARRY POTTERS WAND!! AHH!! im so disturbed right now…

  15. HappyGirrrl says:

    Now I hesitate to say whether I watched it… or not.

  16. zoe says:

    better than all that puppy stuff you keep pushing at us!

  17. Love the beet, hate beets says:

    ^^^lolly….funny stuff.

  18. Love the beet, hate beets says:

    Maybe Daniel is a GROWER NOT A SHOWER….and that is a pretty impressive ball sack.

  19. TSS says:

    @ lolly

    I sincerely apologize… This shit was so disturbing I misunderstood what you typed. I’m sorry, but this is some fucked up child pornographic shit. As soon as I read it I was like, “no one on here’s gonna watch that sick shit”

    Take lolly off the list and add molly

    and nichole and zoe

    SERIOUSLY …that’s fucking disgusting.

  20. Shezzy says:

    What has been seen… cannot be unseen.

    Pass the eye-bleach please.

  21. Shelby says:

    Best post ever Beet, there are not enough celeb penis shots. I was getting sick of celeb vag.

  22. Janewinebox says:

    Daniel is not a minor- he can crawl up on a stage and do whatever he wants- acouple of years ago it would have been a major issue- why now? as an adult- he can do whatever he wants. sheesh- relax.

  23. Niturnia says:

    find a happy place
    find a happy place

  24. TSS says:

    Yeah Pee Wee Herman wasn’t a minor either when he “performed art”, ….so why was he fired? I guess all those network ceo’s, managers and parents were all dumb closed-minded people.

    Fine it’s “Art”. Whatever…..just watch it and do your thing…

    Seriously… don’t reply to me anymore… EVER

  25. zoe says:

    TSS – are you a guy?

  26. HOTPANTS says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight.

  27. Louise says:

    oh hey that acting was really good though! i’m impressed. i saw equus the film and found it disturbing, but harry radcliffe potter watson is doing really well in this part.

  28. sexytrini says:

    i am NOT looking at harry potter’s magic wand. nosiree

  29. Horse Marine says:

    Oh man. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. How surreal.

  30. Cor a Looker says:

    Oh TSS, Wish for me to lolligag at you? Will you feel way more uncomfortable? That penis is of age, thanks. And I am merely 21. I think I am allowed to watch ART. Pee Wee was doing naughty and using the art excuse do chill my friend.

    It’s not like I actually enjoyed the clip.

  31. Ish. says:

    Potter Penis….

    My eyes will never be the same again..

  32. sandy says:

    Daniel is a grownup. Therefore I say:

    Cute balls.
    Stupid play.

  33. wowza says:

    We get it, you put it in her….


  34. meg says:

    I don’t understand why TSS refers to this as child pornography. 1) It’s a play. So he obviously consented to it. 2) Daniel Radcliffe is not a child, he’s 19. 3) Lots of people went and saw the play so I don’t think it’s that gross for anyone to watch it…

  35. Lee says:

    Watching the Harry Potter movies will never be the same again.

    See, now THAT could have brought Voldemort to his knees.

    Oh man…

  36. Liberty says:

    i am so not watching it, I’ll never be able to watch Harry Potter if I watch it.Not happening. NOT HAPPENING.

  37. TSS says:

    @ meg

    I said you guys were right….stop replying and typing my name.

    He’s a WHOLE 19…awesome…that makes it ok. I can’t wait for Dakota Fanning (the little girl from ‘Sam I Am’) to turn 18 in just 3 short years so I can see her fresh little vagina and tits. It’ll tie me over until little Suri Cruise becomes of age…

    A bunch of people went and saw the play??? Yeah I bet they just walked right in at 1 hour into it just to see Harry Potters dick and balls and then went outside to smoke a cigarette after that scene was done.

    Any medical doctor or psychiatrist would diagnose you as perverse and sexually & emotionally immature.

    SERIOUSLY…. From now on just NEVER reply to my comments and I’ll stop replying to yours and we’ll both be happy.

  38. Oooobby says:

    I think he’s really handsome and fit and nice looking.

  39. nomen cognomen says:

    I think it’s so immature when people look at flaccid penises and then judge men based on that alone. Flaccid penises are supposed to be small! They grow considerably when they’re erect. In fact, small flaccid penises are more likely to be large when erect, than are large flaccid penises.

    And yes, Daniel’s balls are larger than I expected.

  40. Krz says:

    If you don’t want people to reply to your comments TSS simply cease making them…

    But I, for one, would miss you.

    After reading the comments I think I can live without the cell phone video. If I really want to see naked people on stage talking shit I’ll buy a ticket.

  41. Chryssie says:

    wow, i must say, I didn’t even have to watch the video… the comments were comedy enough. TSS, if anyone on this page is sexually and emotionally immature, it would be you my friend, not the people who view play as a work of art…. but you, the one who is having hissy fits over something as silly as a naked person.

  42. beefy says:

    Oh I get it. “Someone.” Right evil b. Someone.

    Man chicks do have it better. The only thing Disney princesses have to do to “grow up” or “grow out of” being type cast is produce an edgy homeless bare back vogue shoot, get out of or get into a car, or come up with some “stolen” naked shots of themselves. Harry Potter has to pretend to shove his magic wand up horses. Sheesh.

  43. Sarah says:

    What a flop.

  44. Monica says:

    it’s… tiny

  45. smilesandgiggles says:

    @nomen cognomen …really? … hmmmm … good to know : )

    p.s.ers I didn’t watch it… still have virgin eyes… : )

  46. yoyoma says:

    WHY did i watch that?
    my poor eyes may not recover. what a shame.

  47. dpizzle says:

    He will always be harry potter and he will always be 12 to me. I thought he was 12. Obviously I was wrong. Is he even 18? why do they have to be naked? This is not the age of aquarius… that “naked in a play” shit is extremely overrated.

  48. Rachael says:



    was that Harry Potter? i had no idea who Daniel Radcliffe was.

  49. mizzenne says:

    BAAHHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That was awesome! Awkwardly awkwardly awesome! I think he’s got a case of blue balls… yea we get it Dan, u put it in her, but obviously, u didn’t finish! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i’M GOING TO REWATCH ALL MY HARRY POTTER MOVIES NOW!!!

  50. Umm… fire the agent Harry.

  51. Tracy says:

    I have no shame. I clicked play. I was curious. But when I got to the third “I put it in her, all the way.” I completely lost interest.

    Plus, it’s small. No fun.

  52. kthxbai says:

    What the heck was that!. Ive seen quite a number of theater productions but this one is awful. You gotta wonder why they asked them to be “naked”, it was probably just to increase ratings. The dialogue and the acting was bad.

  53. TheOlfson says:

    wow, poor kid… totally not big whatsoever.. except his balls.. maybe its an illusion? his balls make his penis look small…


    no i thnk its just incredibly small

  54. Brynja says:

    AahhH! Is he going “I’ll put it in her! I’ll put it in her! All the way!” Shiiz, that was rather amusing, yet disturbing watching it wobbling about. That little thing

  55. ThatLisa says:

    Gosh, TSS, it’s just a penis. Prude much? IT’S OKAY. Tone down that hissy fit.

    And you guys, a lot of penises are not that big when they’re flaccid. Duh. You people need to look at more penises.

  56. Tabs says:

    Its just a dick calm down Its not a big deal, Mr Harry Potter eventually had to grow up so there you go we saw his dick now what????

    let just go back to the puppies

  57. Judy says:

    I rather enjoyed it. Pip Pip!

  58. AshleyBee says:

    Was anyone else freaked out by all the guys in chaps with metal horse heads on…?

  59. you says:

    @ TSS
    Dude, you’ve got some seriously repressed homosexual tendencies. You made such a big deal over this.. just accept that you’re a ‘mo

    @Harry Potter
    Do your balls get wet when you pee?

  60. S'NYU says:

    Ha, I’m the only New Yorker. I’ve seen the play (paid a whole $62). The naked seen is one of the weaker scenes but over-all it’s excellent. Radcliff’s co-star is the uncle veron from the hairy potter films. The female love interest is horrible. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. The theater was packed (for a Sunday matinee!) and gave the two leads a standing ovation. It’s much better than the crap Disney pushes on us for the tourists.

  61. me says:

    @ S’NYU: I’m a new yorker too.. didn’t you hear? we’re NOT required to watch every play that’s showing here anymore.. ‘tard. That’s as idiotic as saying that everyone that lives in LA is required to be an actor.

  62. S'NYU says:

    me- Please re-read my commit. I assume you skimmed it and didn’t understand or, more possibly, have the reading comprehension skills of a fifth grader.

  63. ThatLisa says:

    haha at the last several comments.

  64. kkkkkkk says:


  65. me says:

    @ S’NYU: “Ha, I’m the only New Yorker(period)” That was the end of the sentence. Then you went on to say that you saw the play (a separate idea). Sorry to have to call you in your puerile writing skills. Please save yourself the embarrassment.

  66. GreyEyedGirl says:

    lol TSS is a tard.

  67. MASSIE says:

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  68. a fan says:

    ummm its small…and that was awkward

  69. David - a nudist says:

    Sure, that’s okay, but if I did that in public, I’d be arrested for “indecent exposure”. Why is it okay for him (and her) to be nude at a public place where people can see, but if I did the same, I’d be arrested? Oh, that’s right, because he’s a celebrity. They get to break the anti-nudity laws without any trouble. Keep forgetting that, lol. Makes me wish I was a celebrity. Then, I could be nude in public. If the cops come, I would say, “Wait! I’m a celebrity, same as Daniel Radcliff.” If celebs can be nude in public, then I want to be a celebrity.

  70. hp fan says:

    that was good after the “i put it in her all the way” part i really got into it. i even stopped looking at his penis…i mean that was actually good. but now i can never look at harry potter again