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Possible Confession In Hudson Family Slayings

William Balfour, the person of interest in the Hudson family murders, may have told his girlfriend that he was involved in the slayings.  There have also been reports that he told other sources he was in the Hudson home the morning of the killings.

Tomorrow is a big day as Balfour will be in court for a parole hearing.  A state investigator will be presenting any evidence gathered that could implicate William.  If there is not probable cause to believe he has committed a crime or parole violation,  he could be released. 

I pray for peace and justice for the Hudson family.

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  • Just wondering– why is the “not” italicized? Is it to emphasize a point or to draw attention to poor grammar? Shouldn’t that read if there is no probable cause….It just reads weird. It could be me, not a usual stickler, so I’m asking.

  • Pray for peace?

    God didn’t want them to have peace otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed them to get murdered.

  • I believe the Grace of God will walk you thru what the Will of God has planned for you. We can not understand why a person could do such an unimaginable thing to this family, and asking the universe to right this wrong is all you or I could do. So Donkey Punch…I’ll add you to my list; )

  • ok regardless of all this god stuff……..

    isn’t it weird that some people think he ISN’T guilty… by everything that I have read, all signs CLEARLY point to yes.

    it’s so said. I feel so bad for that family.

    oh, and I would probably avoid marrying felons. At all accounts. Especially the ones convicted of violent crimes…. I just think that’s good advice.. it should be obvious

  • I think Wendie’s grammar is fine. I think god has nothing to do with a family (and a child) being murdered. I totally think he killed them, and I hope he stays in jail for a very, very long time.