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Holly Madison Says She’s “In Love With” Criss Angel

Ohhhhhhhhh, shit.

Is this for real or just a way to really piss off Hef?

In an interview with People magazine, Holly confirms her relationship with the “illusionist,” and says that “I’m in love with him.”

Seriously, what is Criss Angel packing in those magic pants of his? He’s scoring every hot chick in Hollywood these past couple of years. So bizarre.

Here’s a bunch of pics of the two of them out together at a screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera in Vegas last night.

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  • Isn’t he still married? Wasn’t that the big stink when he started dating Cameron Diaz, his wife suddenly appeared and said they were still married and she was threatening to sue Diaz for breaking up the marriage…

  • He must have magic pants, or magic in his pants, as there could be no other explanation on how he attracts, uh, anybody really.

  • He is too old for those clothes. Boys that are 12 dress like that! Handcuff necklace, all those rings, bedazzled belt, graphic jeans – LOL!! Oh, he’s a bad ass if he were 12!! And she is not going to age very well – so fake.

  • Holly’s doing a pendulum thing from the 80 year old Hef to the boy-who-wouldn’t-grow-up Criss Angel.

    She’s pathetic.

  • after years of hef’s wrinkly balls i’m sure she’d be thrilled to sleep with anyone under the age of 60, even cris angel.

  • Maybe he puts your Mikey Phelpz to shame. And by that I mean he must be a faster swimmer, of course.

  • I like the picture where she’s on her knees in front of him.

    Seriously, though, it looks like (in every pic) she is hanging on to him for dear life and he’s just there. Like he’s thinking, “Yeah I snagged this bitch from Hef… who’s next?”

  • hahha Holly is SO high school… dating a boy for a minute, and then being “so in love with him”……. it’s almost cute. sad, but endearing. like a retarded baby.

  • He is soooo…doofus-ey. (is that a word?) She isn’t hard on the eyes, but ewww, he is so doofus-ey. And the lisp…

  • btw… he doesn’t have magic in his pants, he has absolutely GI-NOURMOUS hands and fingers!!!! just put a bag on his head and enjoy.

  • He is such a weirdo.. I hate the way he dresses and the rings and the whole dark look on him.. And im not sure about his so called magic either.. I dont trust him..

    And the girl, to be quite honest, i was in shock when they said she was 26…. I mean, she looks 50!!!!! It’s amazing to me that she is so young and yet she looks so fucking old.. Not to mention the fact that she’s ugly as hell, same as kendra, i honestly dont understand why people think they’re so special, they ain’t got nothing special i believe..

    But ah well, good for them i guess..

  • dont like him..he’s ugly she has a weird taste in guys liked her better wit hef minus his relationship problems love her not him…

  • You people don’t know anything about Criss. You need to read up or watch some of his stuff before you speak. He is the most talented magician, illusionist and stunt artist ever plus super HOT! Just go to this website for super hot picks and then check out some of the other sites. He has thousands of fans worldwide. Also has a 100 million dollar 8 year contract with Cirque du Solei. See the Criss Angel Cirque Believe site. The show is already running at the Luxor in Vegas.
    There are tons of sites for him with great info. Criss is one of the good guys.

  • Oh yes,
    He won the 2008 Merlin Magician award AGAIN! Has won soo many times, was also named magician/illussionist of the Decade! He’s recieved sooo many awards, I cannot count them. Such imbeciles post things they do not know about. You can purchase tickets for “Criss Angel Believe” through ticket master or on the website.