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Blake Is Free!

After a year, Amy Winehouse’s enabling husband Blake Fielder-Civil is out of jail but into rehab.  I hate to say it but his release bumps both of them up near the top of my death pool.

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  • Wow I never thought I would actually see the walking dead but here it is twice. These two need some serious help otherwise I give them six months after they start living together again. Such a tragic waste of life and talent.

  • Don’t make me look at them, please! My sick mind starts picturing them having sex, and all sorts of horrible horrible associated details, dry mouth crack smoker bad breath kisses, clacking bones, well, you know, clacking against each other, “sexy talk” with a heavy and inebriated UK accent….”Owe, Blaakey, ungh! Wait, is it in yet, love? Or did I just sit on the goddamn PIPE again?” *snort, spit, repeat*


  • Blakey can kill time getting stoned while waiting for Amy to get out of rehab. Whaddaya figure? Both dead before Christmas?

  • @GetYourAdverbsHere

    Eeeeyoooo, that’s so disgusting. Excellent but sickening writing.

    Maybe these two could become the world’s best anti-drug spokespeople..just have them tour schools and scare kids with their grossness and say, “if you wanna look like this, do drugs.” Just Say No certainly didn’t work. Ooh, if they could get the has-beens from Celebrity Rehab to tour with them it might really work. Jeff Conaway and the gang could really make a diffeence.

  • Not only is Blake free, but today reported in the Sun he said something along the lines of getting out and “taking down my wife’s pants”.

    Classy bloke!

  • yeah it’s an old photo. they aren’t even together yet I think- I’m pretty sure he had to go directly to rehab.