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John McCain’s Concession Speech

Very classy. Well done, Senator McCain.

“This campaign was and will be the great honor of my life.”


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  • so far there is only a 4% difference in the popular vote. i’m still waiting for the electoral college to be done away with.

  • That speech he gave made me respect him for the very first time. Well done McCain! You took it EXTREMELY well, and I actually felt for him. Wouldn’t change my vote, but I did feel he might have actually been somewhat human. Now get Obama’s up because I was in a trance with his! He is just such a powerful speaker! WOW!

  • That was a great speech. I have always has a lot of respect for him, but I must admit I lost some after his disturbing campaign tactics. In moments of this speech, he almost seemed sorry (the ‘associations’ comment especially seemed like a veiled apology). Well done. I hope his supporters heed his advice.

  • i really apprecaite his speech. It is not his failure but the victory in the right direction. He is a great man honorable and dignified. I love him.

  • Yeah, yeah, it was classy and stuff, but i still can’t like this guy, there’s something..i dont know… “Bushish” about him that i cant stand!

    Oh.. and i hate the fact that those people booed at barack becoming president! thats f*cked up!

  • “Classy” was the right word indeed. You fought the good fight, Senator McCain. That was a gracious speech from an American patriotc. God Bless and Good Job.

  • He really surprised me with his tactful and meaningful speach. I applaud. He showed a more human side of him. Perhaps if he showed this earlier on, more people would have responded? I don’t know, I’m happy things panned out the way they did. Obama is our next Pres!!!!!!! :)

  • I thought his concession speech was very well done, but I could not help but notice how he later treated Todd Palin (looking away as he shook his hand), and particularly how he treated his wife. He walked right past her and then realized that he would look like an ass, so stopped and went back to give her a phony hug. God, I am so happy they won’t be occupying the White House

  • Respect to a man who loves his country this much. Who would have loved to be it’s president, but who will also love to support it’s rightfully chosen president.
    America, in my opinion you have a lot to be proud of tonight! Congrats!

  • i was proud to be an amercian again last night, not ONLY because obama won, but because McCain showed the reasons why he is an american hero, no only because he served our country, but because he really spoke to unite us all, AMERCIANS NEVER QUIT

  • Now that John McCain’s failure to be elected removes all chances for the vindication of that fucktard George W. Bush and his draft dodging, war criminal pal, Dick Cheney, John McCain can return to his status of genuine American hero and worthy U.S Senator.

  • dignified and elegant little speech – why couldn’t mc cain have run his campaign the same way instead of the smear & fear tactics he and sarah palin employed?! oh and sarah? don’t let the door hit your ass on your way back to alaska.

  • The childish assholes booing the background should all be immediately shipped off to a secret American prison and waterboarded.

  • Well i’m glad I found this website because none of my compadres saw how much McCain dissed the Palins. When JM was shaking Todd’s hand, both their hands were still clasped but JM was already walking down the stage stairs. Todd looked majorly pissed. Saw Sarah boarding the plane home in an old fashioned gym class hooded sweatshirt……….maybe she sent the wardrobe home ahead Fed Ex…

  • despite my devastation that the american people are more stupid than i once presumed, i am happy that you all got what you wanted. now we will all get what you deserve, with all of obama’s new legislation taking away our rights, that will be bombarding the whitehouse this january. good job. also, we were thisclose to getting akon to leave the country, yet another dream shattered.

  • Where the hell was that McCain during the election? If he had spoken like that during the election he could have been President. I hope that the GOP learns a lesson from this and returns to the centre.

    Return to being the principled party of Lincoln and Eisenhower and the White House will come back to you. Stay with the Karl Rove philosophy of wedge politics you will wander in the political wilderness for decades.

    The choice is yours.

    Well done Senator McCain for claiming back your voice and restoring our hope in democracy. Losing with dignity is as important as winning.

  • McCain’s speech was very kind. Keep in mind, people that he probably didn’t write a WORD of it. That’s why they have writers. I guarandamtee if he wrote it himself, it would sound something like this.
    “Tonight, I lost to a man that supports terrorists. I bet you fools will be sorry when you realize that you voted for a Muslim that hates his country. He’s probably sharing a bottle of champagne w/William Ayers right now. Tomorrow, he will beat his children then laugh uncontrollably at the way you guys were bamboozled. Good luck suckas, you’re going to need it. Me and my maverick will be at Disneyland tomorrow so don’t try to contact us. Peace.”