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But Let’s Not Forget About the Ballot Initiatives …

This isn’t looking too awesome for gay rights.

Right now:

Arizona passed its ban on gay marriage.
Florida looks like it will pass its ban on gay marriage.
Arkansas passed a ban on gay couples adopting children.
Prop 8 is up right now, but with only 10% of precincts reporting.

In happier news:

Michigan passed its initiative to allow medical marijuana.
Washington’s initiative legalizing assisted suicide looks like it’s going to pass.


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  • Arizona’s Prop 102 is such a joke. Voting yes doesn’t do anything but try and change a definition, and unfortunately voting no won’t end discrimination.
    Even so, I voted no :)

  • Even though I’m in Wisconsin, I’m pulling that Prop H8te fails in California. Way to go Michigan and Washington!

  • wait wait up, you mean prop 8 is leaning towards yes or no?

    It shouldn’t bother me as I can marry the woman I love in my own country but it bums me that others can’t do the same.

  • UGH when will people stop being so critical of Gays. They should have the same rights as we do! f*ing religious assholes.

  • i’m not american or gay, but this made me break down real badly
    totally overshadowed my joy over obama’s win
    hoping california at least has voted against prop8 :(

  • It’s a very sad thing. I’m not from California, but I would certainly vote NO on Prop 8. I cannot believe they’re going so far as to ban gay couples from adopting… What happened to a free country? I feel like regions of our country just took a step backwards. So sad on such a victorious night in the country.

  • assisted suicide?… i have never heard of such a thing… but i sure hope they help gay people and let them be free, just like the rest of us are..

  • THANK YOU for paying attention to this.
    everyone here has just been caught up in the presidential election, which is of course huge, but i can’t believe some of the hateful, horrible stuff that’s going on unseen by most of the country.

  • Wow.

    The world is watching you, America.

    Why on earth would any heterosexual couple ever feel so threatened by gay marriage? It’s none of their business!

    The land of freedom, bravery, tolerance and opportunity, MY A&%E!

  • Like Rachel said, Arizona didn’t ban gay marriage. It was, and still is, not permitted. All the Prop did was have the constitution define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. In the short term, it makes no difference, but in the long term, I think it makes it more difficult to get same sex marriages legalized in Arizona in the future. Oh well.

    My favorite drag queen has loudly proclaimed that he doesn’t care, because he probably wouldn’t actually legally get married anyway. He and I are both more concerned about the Proposition (I can’t remember the number) that counts all non-votes as no votes. That simply opens the door for legislators to reword their propositions so that nos are, in effect, yesses (however you spell that). “We propose to not raise taxes,” if given a no vote, translates to “We propose to not not raise taxes,” and if you’re familiar with double negatives, you know you have one right there.

  • As an extremely PROUD American today, I am still sickened by all the bullsh*t bans against what gay couples can do. How hurtful. We will get there, though. We will.