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The Evil Beet Pet Costume Gallery!


Wow, you guys, honestly, my stomach hurts right now from laughing so hard at all the photos you submitted, and my mouth hurts from smiling. Your pets are ADORABLE. Not as adorable as my dog, of course, but still. Insanely cute.

I tried to group the photos by costume — there are a bunch of bumblebees, some witches and pirates, a couple of prisoners and a handful of chickens. There was also a Yoda, a Ghostbuster, a Batman, Alice in Wonderland (who gets to be the headliner here because her owner is EvilT), a Mermaid, a horse with a cowboy, a frog and a duck, Kanye West and a variety of other creative and hilarious ideas. I sincerely hope these pictures make you guys as happy as they made me.

If you sent me a photo of your pet and you don’t see it here, it is probably because you did not make your email subject line “EB Pet Costume.” I tried to get all the photos, but I get a ton of emails/tips and it’s hard to sort through them all, which is why it’s important you use the subject line specified. So, before I start getting emails asking why your pet wasn’t cute enough, check the subject line of your outgoing email and, if necessary, resend it. Everyone’s pet is cute enough!

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  • Such cute photos! I love how the majority of the dogs look so ashamed and embarrassed. And some look like they’re plotting their respective owner’s deaths. Bahahha,

  • Ahahahahaha. Now that’s cute.

    My personal favorites are Batman, Kanye West (ha!), and Evel Knievel. I also like the Ghostbuster. :D

  • My favorites are Angel 1 (3rd pic w/ the blue wings) …SO ADORABLE!!!! And the Cow, pic 17, little black and white dog WITH THE UDDER!!! LOL LOL

    Ditto what Ahley said. Y’all better cover your beverages for the next month, cause all these dogs look ashamed and humiliated and will be peeing in your coffee cups the minute your backs are turned.


  • ashley: yeah, especially the first dog in the chicken costume! it’s the best “i’m gonna kill you for this” expression on a dog i’ve seen in a while, haha

    and yay, just when i thought that pet equals dog, there came a cat, and then another one, yay!!!

    i really liked the ghostbuster, the ballet-dancer/angel, the second chicken, the one in a tee and jeans, and the “don’t scare me i poop easily” is great too, but all are REALLY CUTE

    which one is the kanye west one??

  • I loved all of the dogs expressions! Like Ashley said some looked really ashamed or angry, then others are lying around not giving a care. I love batmans face the most I think. I’m still trying to figure out how the stoner dog come about, he had no costume, yet the face was perfect! lol

  • TSS, take a look at the pirates and tell me you don’t think they look adorable….
    it makes me want a puppy!

  • Hahahahaha. The one you can’t identify totally looks like old school Billy Ray Cyrus to me! Mullet!

  • I just looked through this entire gallery.

    If you would have told me that at some point in my life I would have looked at dozens of pets in costume I probably would have punched you in the face.

    But I love this gallery so. My favorite is either Knievel or the Ghostbuster…

  • I almost cried… I’m at college and not allowed to have my dog with me. He’s my best friend, and I miss him =[

  • Why do all of these dogs have that “Jesus, why must they do this to me every year” look on their faces?

  • i want a house post, beet!
    i just watched tueasday’s episode and my head exploded and i just wanna see/read other people’s head explode or something…
    please? pretty please?

  • The Little Boy (sweater and jeans) costume is so extremely cute. My dog won’t let anything stay on her long enough for me to even get a picture. She’s 8 years old and very grouchy, lol.

  • I just realized the ninja turtle and ghost buster are the same dog, that is the most awesome dog ever.

  • The Ghostbuster and Ninja Turtle dog is the same dog as Evil Knievel also…and you’re right, he’s the coolest dog ever!