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McCain to Host SNL This Weekend?

We heard rumors that it would be Obama appearing on SNL the weekend before the election, but now it’s sounding like it’ll be McCain instead. Sources inside NBC are reporting that the Republican nominee will make an appearance just days before voters hit the polls.

Is anyone honestly undecided at this point??


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  • If they trade Obama for McCain I’m boycotting that fucking shpw for good. Yes, people are undecided at this late of a stage in the game, a lot more people than we realise. It’s never over ’til the fat lady sings, til the election day has come and gone and all the ballots are in. THEN it’s over. Until then, anything can happen.

  • I’m definitely not undecided, either, but seriously, I think we’d be surprised if we knew how many people actually are, but just maybe don’t even know it yet themselves, you know? Anyway, I would SO, so so much more want to see Obama on SNL. He’s got a natural sense of humour himself, anyway, he’d be such a delight to see on the show! McCain? Eh, not so much.

  • What the hell is McCain even going to do on SNL? He’s proven time and time again he is NOT a good public speaker (even fed lines). He’s not very mobile…and to top it off, his smile be creepy!

  • Hey I don’t think McCain is going to be on on saturday night bc he is going to be at my school tomorrow (saturday) in virginia beach. So I really don’t think he will be there! Just FYI

  • I am a McCain supporter and I love your website…..I think we all need to just stick to celebrity gossip and not politics.

  • Really, Juan? Do you own this blog site? No? Then I suppose it really doesn’t matter what you think we all need to just stick to.

  • i predict mc cain will forget his lines and then just yell out things like “you’re ALL joe the plumber!” and “i’m a maverick!”