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Courtenay Semel and Brittny Gastineau: A Suggestion

Hello, girls.

Oh, I see you’re off to do some partying together.

Before that happens, I have an idea I would like you to seriously consider.

Courtenay, you have an ‘e’ that you’re totally not using. Brittny desperately needs one. Courtenay, please give Brittny your ‘e’. It’s called “sharing,” girls. It’s what friends do. But you wouldn’t know much about that, now would you?

Meanwhile, Courtenay’s been slapped with a suit by a Las Vegas security guard for beating him up while she was wasted. He tried to cuff her and she hit him in the face, screaming “Do you even know who I am, fucking idiot?…Google me, you dumb fuck.”

Oh, Courtenay. It’s impossible to Google you. No one can remember how to spell your damn name.

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  • Cortenay Semel looks so disgusting to me, she’s got the worst-looking face ever, especially knowing that a truly trashy, shallow personality lives behind said face. Urghl! I do. not. like. Even her last name is creepy. I know that’s petty, but hey, while I’m at it, I might as well just go all out. God, she is annoying.

  • LOL Beet – as soon as I saw your title I felt you may go in that ‘vowel’ direction!

    Cort gives Paris’ wonk-eye a run for it’s money, doesn’t she? That’s just obscene.

  • That Brittney Gastineau is rather pretty, though. What is she, some kind of socialite a la Paris Hilton, this Gastineau girl? Maybe I should Google her…

  • The reason why her outburst was so funny is because Corteney Semel’s dad is the #1 at Yahoo….Google’s competitor.

  • Courtenay needs the “e” just in a different place…she should give Brittny her “a” instead.

  • Uh . . . isn’t Courtenay’s dad like the head of Yahoo? So all that “I’ve never worked a day in my life” money comes from Yahoo, right? So should she really be suggesting people “google” her??? She’s just sending people right to the competition.

    That’s like if Steve Jobs’ kids had PC’s . . . .

  • Because “Yahoo me, you f*ck.” does not have the same effect as “Google” (my desperate ass, pleeease.) good line when your mad at someone. “Google me, you bastard!! don’t you know who I am????!”

  • Anon 5:25, exactly what I was thinking: give Brittny the A, a little rearranging, and you’d have Courtney and Brittany. It wouldn’t save Courtenay from that face, but at least she’d look better in writing.

  • I would do anything 4 this girl and not jus cause she’s famous but cause she’s so damn hot an everything!

  • LOL!
    Oh, Courtenay. It’s impossible to Google you. No one can remember how to spell your damn name.
    HAHA love it :D

  • “Google me, you dumb fuck”<<<<< GREAT LINE

    It actually makes me like her a little.. I can’t help it. It’s hilarious