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Barack Obama and Mario Lopez, Together At Last

Just days before the election, Barack Obama has opted to sit down with Mario Lopez for an episode of Extra! airing on Thursday, where he will talk about “his mother, and his workout.”

Now, if he wanted to secure the undecided vote, he would be asking Mario Lopez the tough questions, like why he’s such a fucking tool, and how in God’s name he keeps getting work.

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  • Nah beet, the intelligent voter would be asking that. The undecided would be asking, “How does Mario keep his hair looking so perfect?” or “How does it feel to have a re-birth in your career after Dancing With the Stars?” because some people feel Mario Lopez actually had a career before hand.

    Welcome to politics of the 21st century. Screw the Whistle-stop Tour, candidates will now ride Extra!, the Daily Show, and SNL to the White House.

  • This has to do with the Hispanic vote more than anything. I do not know how big of celebrity Mario Lopez is in the Hispanic community but from what I understand, that is the point of this interview.

  • I think I’ll just pass on that one…the tool oozing off of Mario just makes it too damned hard. Sheesh…now he’ll think he’s even bigger than he already does. Can’t wait for Mirror boy to hand Obama a signed copy of his book. You know he will….

  • ayyy!!! well, idk, i’m Latina and i am NOT a fan of mario lopez. whatever though, i already voted for barack and joe…besides, i feel like there are still a lot of people out there that aren’t clued in to what a TOOL mario lopez is….ah well.

  • Omg. That seriously made me laugh. Your under-eye concealer shouldn’t be five shades lighter than the rest of your face. I think he deserves the term douche rather than tool…. although tool fits also.

  • When the article said he’d talk about “his mother, and his workout” the first thing that immediately popped into my mind was Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals – “Say hi to your mother for me!” Is that bad?

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