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Happy Family!



Jennie Garth and her hubby, Peter Facinelli, pose with their kiddos at the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween carnival.

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  • Chuck, that was mean. You are a hottie? She’s married for awhile now and has been with him for quite some time, they have a family etc. etc. It just amazes me how there are so many messed up people in Hollywood and someone normal comes along and someone still finds fault in something.

  • i’m going to hold out hope that this is a bipartisan marriage because i love jennie so much.

  • @pak31

    Excuse me? Take another look at him (or don’t your eyes work). Jennie Garth is all dolled up, ready for the cameras, kids look great and he steps out in T-shirt, jeans and goofy sneakers.

    Please, show him alone in a picture and the first thought that goes through my mind is “dork”.

  • I think he’s adorable. They’re at a Halloween Carnival. Jennie seems a little bit over done for the event (she looks great, though).

  • what song was it that had the line
    “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So from my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you”

    She took it to heart (in reverse) and look how happy she is!

  • aw aw aw, i LOVE peter however-u-spell-his-name.
    and he’s absolutely no dork. come on dudes, hes supporting obama. whenever anyone ELSE does that everyones all, ‘oh good for them, such good citizens! ‘ but now its all ‘god hes a dork?!?!?!’ how f*** up is that?! anyways, hes sooooo hot! it dosnt matter what he wears! hes playin carlisle in twilight, and i cant wait!