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Amy Poehler Has Baby

Amy Poehler and her husband, Arrested Development star Will Arnett welcomed 8 pound, 1 ounce Archie Arnett yesterday.  He is their first child.  Welcome to the world Archie!

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  • Yay! I was super worried she was never going to pop. But Thank Goodness, I was worried that if her stomach got any bigger something like a bear would pop out and chew off her head.
    CONGRATS AMY! I’d so send flowers but I think thats against the restraining order :o

  • Um, am I the only one who thinks Archie Arnett is a lousy name? They had nine months and they came up with that?

    This after I read that Gillian Anderson of The X-Files named her latest baby Felix, when she has a two-year-old named Oscar? A la “The Odd Couple” for those of you as old as me. I know people want to choose uncommon names, but it’s getting really old.

    Seriously, can you imagine looking at your newborn baby and saying, “Welcome, little Felix!”

  • Ditto, Anna, re. her dress! I love that dress she’s wearing here, absolutely beautiful. Now I read that Amy Poehler’s quit SNL now that she’s had her baby, bummer news. I’ll never forget that brilliant Sarah Palin rap she did last week, with Palin herself sitting there white-girl chair-dancing while Amy rapped. She was REALly good at it, Amy I mean, rapping! Her timing, everything.

    I, personally, wouldn’t name any son of mine Archibald, but it IS a “real” name, after all, not Apple or Moon Unit, so there’s that. Which is nice. It’s just not my own particular taste in baby names, but it isn’t my baby, so it doesn’t matter what the fuck I think of her choice of baby name for her new boy.

  • @Snowblood

    Yeah, good point. At least it wasn’t Pilot Inspektor.

    There’s no reason for me to care what others name their kids, but I do always think, “Jeez, that kid’s gonna get teased.”

    I think the worst is still “JerMajesty.” : (