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Madonna Sends Messages

It’s difficult to write today.  I think the Jennifer Hudson story is such a senseless tragedy.  But the Beet goes on… 

Being in a melancholy and somewhat depressed state of mind, I immediately thought of Madonna’s face.  And her appearance continues to be hellacious.  But hey…she’s been on tour, she’s going through a divorce, lives on a treadmill and she’s fifty.  She’s entitled to look haggard.  I am, however, frequently bemused by Madge’s staged and purpose-driven appearances.  Check out Lourdes wearing a Obama shirt.  When I was 12, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know where I stood on the Reagan/Mondale race but maybe I was just uneducated.  Being raised on rice milk and aduki beans probably would’ve ensured me more political awareness…fuck my mother and that damn food pyramid.  Also, her awkward attempt at maternal affection towards her adopted son David whilst conveniently positioned in camera’s view…I think she’s even smiling to the best of her ability.  I’m not sure if she’s trying to hug him or converse with him but either way little David wonders why his mother is paying attention to him all of a sudden.  I wonder if this photo-op has anything to do with her son’s biological father and his second thoughts?  I feel for Rocco; there was no message for him to billboard for Mommy on this outing to the Kabbalah Center in New York City yesterday.

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  • That constant ego-crap, bullying and cruelty to others she dished out all those years is coming back in a great torrent to smack her in the face. She is getting the final face she deserves and it ain’t pretty, kind, motherly, special or desired.

  • Karma is coming around to bite her in the butt. She needs a new hair-do, the one she has is absolutely awful!

  • lol @ “But the Beet goes on… ”

    Punny wendie, very punny, thanks for making giggle after all that bad news. : )

  • yeah…and the kids look pretty happy too being dragged around to those ‘Krazy Kult’ meetings!

  • does anybody know where madonna bought her little black baby? i’ve got some funds freed up from cashing out my 401k and have decided that i must have one too! it’s obvious she’s going to be such a good parent and this boy is going to grow up and someday possibly be president, if he wants it bad enough. she’s such a trendsetter, that madonna.

  • LOL @ Censor….

    I cannot wait for the day Madonna’s offspring – both purchased and fruits of her loin – grow up, go through therapy, and then decide it would be cathartic to write a book about Mommy Madonna Dearest.

  • You know don’t go to the emotional aspect of stories Wendie. Evil has done that several times and used it as an excuse not to post during that day. You are the media, and there are many depressing aspects of the news that bother us, or bother the news casters having to tell us about them, but they don’t let it get to them, they are professionals. Yes of course its sad, but come on, just do your job you get paid for. Christ I have things in my job that effect me all day, but I still have to do my job and can’t let it emotionally bother me. Don’t tell us your depressed….Evil has bored me enough with that crap! Why do you think you are doing the weekend stuff! Don’t be an eore…do your job!

  • ***ahem….Dear Beet,
    As consumed as you are with the proper use of the English language;
    “Check out Lourdes wearing a Obama shirt.” AN Obama would be the proper use there. Love ya ;)