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Dr. Jay McGraw?

Last night noted surgeons (think cast of E! TV’s Dr. 90210) appeared at the Roxbury Surgical Association Fall Celebration.  I need to let that sink in…that such an event actually exists.   Anyway, Dr. Phil’s son “Dr. Jay McGraw” was there.  Doctor?  Since when?  The pap sites have these photos tagged as Dr.Jay McGraw with his wife, Playboymodel Erica (who could use a little facial feminization procedure herself).  I want to see some fucking documentation on this because there is no way in hell he has his doctorate in anything.  If he does, I’ll eat a spider.  For real.


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  • Isn’t she one of three? And Sandy, she does look a little manly. Why tell Wendie to “get stuffed”? It’s not like she called her ugly…

  • Get ready to eat that spider, Wendie.

    Technically speaking, he has a Juris Doctorate. From my understanding, though, the only time the Dr. is used is if a JD is teaching. Even then, I believe that “professor” is more widely favored.

    The fact that he’s using “Dr.” at all makes me think he’s a douche. Of course, it may just be the Paparazzi who are using “Dr.” for him, and they certainly are douches, but there’s probably a lot of douchiness to go around.

  • I dunno Shan… it’s just like we have only one idea of what “feminine” is supposed to look like, when in reality — even in what passes for reality among celebrities — there are many beautiful presentations of femininity. And the idea that a woman with whatever features this one has that make her look “a little manly” should get surgery… surgery!… because she’s not up to that ONE idea… well. It makes me cranky. But you’re right, I shouldn’t have said get stuffed. Sorry Wendie.

  • Jay McGraw produces a reality show called The Doctors, which features a panel of 4 physicians discussing medical issues. This association probably accounts for his appearance in some capacity at this conference. If you will reread Wendie’s post, you will note that she states that “The pap sites have these photos tagged as Dr. Jay McGraw…” It is not logical to assume that Jay McGraw is identifying himself as a Dr. based on this information, if indeed that is what Wendie is inferring. If he is, he is following his father’s lead. I believe that Phil McGraw has a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in psychology, and identifies himself as “Dr. Phil.” Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and dentists also identify themselves as doctors. The term does not refer exclusively to medical doctors. PhDs usually use the title only within an academic setting. A bit of a tempest in a tea pot.

    “Facial feminization procedure???” Could you give us some fucking documentation on this Wendie? I am worried that my facial features might be too masculine to pass your standards for my continued existence as a human being.

  • Why is everyone getting all pissed off over the facial feminization comment? It was a joke. I don’t think it was offensive enough to elicit the word “fuck”, so just chill out.

  • @Lorelei & @ RubyRubyRuby

    Yes, I knew what facial feminization surgeries are. And the suggestion that a biological woman should submit to this torturous and dangerous procedure to satisfy Wendie’s aesthetics disgusts me. And yes, Ruby, I know that Wendi was “joking.” I find this piece of humor as amusing as Wendie’s good natured wish that an elderly man should die or have a stroke rendering him incapable of speaking. And in using the word fuck, I was merely repeating Wendie’s phrasing, so perhaps you should direct your suggestion to “just chill out” to her.

    Lorelei, I know that the URL shared was not done so in a critical manner, and I don’t take offense, nor am I try to give offense (to you).

  • I don’t think her face is that masculine, however, I am more concerned about how freaking orange she is.

    if you knew what facial feminization was, why did you want documentation? do not get. i can see you were trying to do a play-on-words with what wendie wrote… but it didn’t make sense.

    i had no idea that facial feminization existed.

  • Sorry but a dentist is a real doctor – at least in Canada they are.They attended medical school.They did a residency in a hospital.They precribe medications to patients. They diagnose diseases and perform surgeries.They study many years to become a dentist.The letters DDS after thier name stands for doctor of dental surgery.The letters DMD stand for doctor of dental medicine.