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Being Late For Dinner Deemed NOT an Emergency

John McCain’s brother Joe called 911 this week to complain about traffic. When he was told that 911 was for emergencies only, he told the operator to “fuck off”.  And then called again to complain about how he was treated.  Some people have serious entitlement issues.

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  • I feel like old people like Joe McCain must do this sort of thing all the time…such moronic people in the world.

    but Joe said “fuck you,” not “fuck off”…

  • Hmm, now lets see, we’ve got ‘Joe Six-pack, ‘Joe the Plumber’ and now Joe McCain? I can’t wait to see the ad the come up with for this! The script just writes itself.

  • Why is anyone surprise by his elitist attitude? He is the brother of a Senator, he shouldn’t have to sit in traffic. What a douche. I hope they do prosecute him, and embarrass him by making him do 40 hours of trash duty along that very same road.

  • He also called the people in Northern Virginia a bunch of Communists. That’s where my military daughter/wife grandma lived before she passed! I think she would have found it hilarious that someone would call her a communist.

    Oh siblings!

  • This is priceless! Especially on the heels of John McCain saying the “c word” twice in a row in a speech. Grandpas keep forgetting to take their brain medicine. : )

  • This coming from the same man who said people from Northern Virginia are communists… Yes, Joe, the communists stalled traffic to keep YOUR ass from getting to an event on time.

    What a moron…

  • re; donkey

    i agree with donkey. rich people are the scourge of the earth and should be eliminated. i say we go over to his house, put a bullet between his eyes, kill his son, steal his car, and kidnap his grandson. that’s what poor, illiterate, sucking on the government tit, desperate fucks do, isn’t it?

  • As A former 911 operator for 10 yrs,I’m surprised this ignorant-inbreed-elitist- fuck didn’t ask for the time and temperature. So sick of these motherfuckers that have enough money to save small countries but can hardly take a shit by themselves. I agree with every single one of you.

  • > that’s what poor, illiterate, sucking on the government tit, desperate fucks do, isn’t it?

    No Censorthis, the poor pump your gas, fight your wars, grow your food, cook your food, mine the ore, make your cars, and many other thankless jobs.

  • so I don’t like john mccain, but I really wouldn’t let what his brother did affect my opinion.

    that being said…. what a fucking asshole. who the fuck uses 911 for that shit? that kind of behavior would be disgusting coming from ANYONE.

    do we know that this is 100% true?

    shame on whoever did that. god.