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My Work Day Is Done

I can scour the Internets for the rest of the day, but I won’t find anything to top this phenomenal 15-minute video of CoCo floating around a pool in a string bikini while someone covers Kate Bush’s “A Woman’s Work” on the background track. You can’t make this stuff up.

Then she hits the elliptical machine and later feels up her own ass in fishnets tights.

It’s not suitable for work.

It’s not suitable for anybody, really.

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    She must have the single most disgusting bodies ive ever seen. is that CoCo as in ice-t’s wife?

  • I don’t understand her body at all. Her tummy is flat, boobs and ass huge. I know a lot of men find her hot but I just don’t get it. She’s really pretty but a tad bit odd too.

  • That looks like two sides of pork. Her butt has got to be fake.

    And how dare she defile Kate Bush??? Ingrate.

  • Her body is so odly proportioned – well, not by nature, that’s for sure.

    And that bikini top is riddicouless! Not to mention the g-string.. It should be forbidden by law to continually pull those strings up to a level they’re certainly (hopefully??) not meant to be at.

    The huge titties and that deformed ass.. I am disgusted.

    Yet I find that I could watch the entire thing. The human mind is a disturbing one.

  • Her thighs are Humongous! Wtf

    Definitely breast implants, along with butt implants. Absolutely no way is that real or natural.

    If it is, then we all have hope in this world lol

  • Ah yes, IceT’s-wife-Coco, Queen of the Cameltoe… I’ve always wondered if Ice-T and she actually fell in love, you know – real, actual love, and not just her wanting the money & distinction of being a rapper’s trophy wife and him just wanting said trophy wife and that insanely cartoonish ass/tits body to hump at will ad nauseum. Emphasis on nauseum. They HAVE been married for a while, now, especially in Hollywood-time, so maybe it really IS love. I have far too much time on my hands to be contemplating such silliness, but hey. Things that make you go “Hmmmm…”

  • hahahhaha I cant believe I watched that.. that is so ridiculous.. her body IS super weird… but the most bizarre thing is that this woman might actually be thinking ‘yeah, I’m an artist…’

    her ass is shaped so unnaturally. some plastic surgeon out there is thinking ‘shit, what have I done…’

  • I’ve been asking for a little more T&A on here, but I think I stand corrected!
    hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, she’s going to explode any sec. everybody OUT!!!!!!!!

    (Happy B-day 9th poster- Veronica! : )

  • OMG, could she place take the tiny bikini string any strangle herself? She is an absolute disgrace to the female gender. What I found myself laughing at is that she appears to actually think she is beautiful and graceful?! I can’t believe that float actually held up all of the that plastic!

  • Gosh, I get so mad at myself for the typos. I meant to say “could she please TAKE the tiny bikini string AND strangle herself?”

  • actually, black women love to have big butts and thighs while white women prefer the small butt and thighs! it’s a cultural thing!

  • Did she just use that fountain as a bidet?
    And I’m sorry, but that “bikini” seems like more work than it’s worth. Maybe that’s what the song is referring to.

  • who is this woman? and why is her waist so tiny? and why does her butt stick out so much? i’m so confused right now…

  • So one: Totally unnecessary for her to remove that top. What was the point… you could basically see everything already.

    And two: Her body would be so nice if she had never gotten plastic surgery

  • her ass in those stockings looks like an Easter Ham – the kind you bring home from the store, cut the strings off, and throw in the oven. Bet the ham tastes better than her skanky ass. And what’s with humping the landing of the stairs ?? That’s exotic? She’s writhing around like the commercial “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The epitome of trash….

  • That was awsome! The best video clip I have seen in a long time. I was so facinated by her body and how the pieces of her anatomy are ‘juxtaposed.’

    Oh and FU other posters who act like her body is soooo gross. Please, this is America…..most of the country is obese. You try taking your clothes off and wearing a string bikini like that. I am sure you would not look so good either.

  • shlepping those boobs around MUST hurt. I can’t even talk about her arse.

    Excuse me while I go curl into the fetal position

  • the epitome of trash indeed, doris.
    she is so gross-looking. and i bet she thinks she’s the most sexy, beautiful woman ever. ew

  • There should be another video, covering Kate Bush’s other song “Runnin’ up that hill” so she can lose that fat ass. Wow. I have never seen such a strange physique. I mean she has a fat friggin ass, but he abs are sick.

  • schmillian…go ahead and bang away on that old beat-up trash stand…but trust me… there’s not one thing sensual, sexy or beautiful about a glob of plastic writhing around with itself. And you mentioned a good point…suggesting that ‘we’ take off our clothes and see if we look good…. trust me… most of America is smart enough to keep their clothes on… only the ‘I’m so desperate for acceptance and attention that I’ll have plastic parts implanted into my body and then wrap string around them only so I can split my legs above a camera lens and try to look sexy.” take their clothes off and display themselves to this magnitude. Trash is trash, no matter what string you wrap it up in.

  • I think she is totally hot. She and T seem very happy together and I bet they have amazing, wild sex!!!!

  • doris, you are so right about her ass looking like hams in those fishnets….it’s all i could think as i sat staring in disbelief at my computer screen

    also, did anyone else wonder how awful it be to have to take that thong off her if you were a guy? i mean, it’s gotta be WAYYY wedged up in there…her huge ass cheeks must hold onto the string like a VISE. lol

  • Wow…how much silicone is in that butt?

    I also like the high quality production and directing of this film.

  • what do black women have to do with this? I don’t get that posters comment. And not ALL black women want big butts and thighs just as not ALL white women want small butts and thighs. It’s not right to generalize. especially when it has nothing to do with the original post!

  • God. That just RUINED my day… I don’t think I’ve ever watched something about someone SOOOOO self absorbed. This lady needs to find something else to do.

  • I am laughing so hard at the comments, I can’t even see what I am typing. I want to save this post just for when I need a good laugh. OMG, this chick is hilarious. I have never seen someone so self absorbed it’s unreal. Hey, if that is what Ice-T likes, more power to him but do we really need to see it? She looks like a man. Well, with boobs. If I looked in the mirror and saw that as the reflection I would throw myself off a cliff.

  • Heyyyyy to the poster who said white chicks prefer small thighs and butts, or w/e…
    I’m a white chick,and I have big butt, and it’s better looking than most, A lot nicer actually, I’m proud of my butt…
    It’s not as big as hers though (that’s inhumanly shaped, and big)…and mines real.

  • You are an idiot beet- this is the original song written and performed by Maxwell. Jesus do a tiny bit of research.

    • Maybe you should do a little more research. It’s actually her song, he covered it in 1997. Maybe you should think or do more research before you call someone an idiot.

  • if u all say that shes ugly and all that stuff … :)) … i have 1 question.. :) why the **** do u whach all her movies and pictures … if u dont like her boobs or but … i cant say that shes cool … but any of u virginis couse else i cant say … will wana f*** her … soo shh ;) …