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Taylor Swift Takes on Rihanna

Here’s my beloved Tay-Tay covering Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” at a concert. Joe Jonas, are you listening?

I’m totally obsessed with this chick. And it’s not because I think she’s beautiful — although I do — but the more I listen to her music and watch her perform and hear her in interviews the more I’m blown away by how all-around talented she is. Her ability to connect with an audience is broad and timeless. She’s got quite a gift, this girl, and I’m interested to see how she matures with it.

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  • Evil, I could’t have said it better.

    She is probably the nicest and smartest and most down to earth ” star” of her generation. And if you read her story she worked for it her whole life.
    Not like those cheap actors that show some skin in a movie an start acting like they are better then everybody else.

  • she cant sing… I’m sorry. And to anyone who might say something like “I bet you cant sing half as well as she can”… Yes. Yes I can. I can sing a LOT better than she can.

    The End.

      • haha. Hmm. Look who’s talking? jealous that Rihanna is better than that dumb blonde. oops. I said it out loud. Do visit the nearest clinic to get your ears checked. Taylor Swift can’t sing at all. It’s all about packaging. ha ! I said it again.

  • sorry but i have to agree with Skye. she CAN’T sing. her true voice when she sings live is just terrible. I like Taylor a lot and think she’s an awesome role model, but she is not a natural talent, sorry.

    • yea. that is the honest truth. She can’t sing (voice machines do create magic!). Usually, the bass would be much louder to cover her voice because she cannot sing. Packaging is seriously what made her famous and well the help from her music producer. but she seems to be a nice girl.

    • please. She is never on-key. Go and listen to her concerts live. I rather listen to cats meowing than her. Simply horrible !

  • I’d say she sings better than most of the girls I hear on the radio these days. And I’d consider someone who can play an instrument, sing, and write her own chart topping songs is ACTUALLY pretty talented.

  • she’s cool, and i have played her album more times than i care to report. it’s catchy and it’s fun and it’s not bad.

    but i don’t think she’s that talented either. the thing is, she’s *good*. but she’s not *great*.

    and all i can think is that a plain girl, a chubby girl, with the same talent wouldn’t get anywhere. a girl who wasn’t beautiful would have to have twenty times taylor swift’s ability to become any kind of star.

  • She’s faking. Guitar synching. You can tell on her right hand she’s not really palm muting, therefore not really playing the guitar. Just moving her hand and pretending.

  • I’m impressed she can play and sing as well as she does for her age. What a an awesome guitar the Taylor company (Robert Taylor) made for her. She is doing really well and will get even better as she grows. Good luck to her and her family.

    • I can’t belive you guys actually fell for her exaggeration story on guitar playing. She’s not that good in playing the guitar, just so you know, because I am a guitar teacher and I can see that.

  • Taylor Swift is so stupid. the Rihanna version is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better

  • i think anybody else who’s sings take a bow by rihanna is better than rihanna not hating just saying, aight? bye

  • I respect the fact that Taylor can write songs. But Rihanna hasn’t really written any songs yet. (Although, she has co-written some songs on her previous albums, I know that for a fact because I actually read the booklet thingy inside.) But, her voice is kinda dull, I know that because it sounds like mine. Rihanna has a stronger voice, so I’m gonna go with Rihanna.

  • Rihanna is so much better. Are u people deaf or what? Taylor Swift can’t sing for nuts. Her live performances suck. really? I swear to god. Rihanna has better quality and standard compared to Taylor Swift. She is just a pirated version singer. And why are people worshipping her for writing the song lyrics??? She did NOT produce the music for all the songs. NONE at all. If you all notice, she always avoids this question (as in music producing) because she doesn’t have a clue on what music producing is about. Amazing how music companies package someone to earn money.

  • hahahaha. very very funny. Have you been to her concert live. She sounds so many times worse than the meowing of cats. terribly painful to listen to. There’s no doubt that people might die there. Taylor Swift cannot sing. Rihanna can.. Just admit the truth.