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Holly Madison Claims They Tried to Get Her Knocked Up with IVF

A very interesting interview with Holly Madison in the print edition of InTouch this week, which the kids at Celebitchy have so kindly transcribed for me to copy.

Was Hef mad at you for revealing you had split?
I think he’s upset. There were a lot of people – not just Hef – who wanted me to pretend we were still together for the sake of the show. I tried to do that for a few weeks, but I couldn’t live like that.

Did you really love him?
I devoted 100 percent of myself to Hef the whole time we were together.

Were you trying to get pregnant?
We tried for me to get pregnant by in vitro fertilization, because it wasn’t going to happen the old fashioned way.

Did you have any success with the fertility treatments?
When the IVF didn’t work out after months of giving myself injections every day and feeling horrible, the clinic informed me it wasn’t possible because he was too old. I feel they were just after my money because they knew there was a 99-percent chance it was impossible.

Holly also weighed in on the new girls in the mansion:

Hef has moved on.
Yeah, Hef’s always looking for younger women. I’m 28 years old and I feel like I need something more in life, so that’s probably why he’s with some really young girls. They’re just looking to have fun, I guess.

How do you feel about being replaced so quickly?
I worry about Hef. He’s vulnerable emotionally and I worry about girls taking advantage.

Dude, if Holly’s telling the truth, that means Hef actually was willing to let her have his baby … which is total insanity. I kind of don’t believe Hef would be involved in something like that.

Anyway, I do have a soft spot in my heart for Holly, and I hope there’s a happy ending to her story.

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  • Is it really total insanity? =(

    Why wouldn’t he want her to have his baby? Because of money issues? I think he really loved her.

  • I think she really loved him as well. They were the only people on that show that I actually enjoyed watching, because yu could tell they werent just there for the cameras.

  • Sigh. I was rooting for them. Bridget was my favorite but I knew it was never about the love with her… and I never liked Kendra but I really wanted it to work with Hef & Holly. Just sad.

  • Hef’s already got 4 kids, ranging in age from 17 to 56.

    I can’t see him fathering another kid at 82.

  • She dodges the questions like a politician.

    I think she dumped him after she realized that she couldn’t bear the fruits of his seeds, and therefore wouldn’t be legally eligible to sponge off him and his estate for the next 18 or so years.

    btw, is she still working for Playboy, or was that just one of the girlfriend benefits?

  • I thought Holly always seemed more into Hef than he was into her. I wonder who’s responsible for the breakup? I doubt it was just the baby thing, Holly has been with him for over 7 years. He could have got tired of her and wanted to trade her in for a new model (disgusting I know). It could be something else, we’ll have to see. Holly said it will all play out on Girls Next Door.

    Also, she said she was looking for someone with dark hair who’s creative to have babies with, wonder what Criss Angel thinks about that :P

  • i remember reading an interview done with hef and he said the same thing. once they realized they couldn’t have a child he thought that she should move on and have a family because he knew that is what she wants.
    so i believe her

  • Hefner has gone on record to say that he did, indeed, try to have a baby with Holly and that she is the love of his life. He also stated that he knew that without being able to provide her with the family life that she wants, that he would lose her.

    I think its very sad.

  • I read an interview with Hef and he seemed genuinely sad that she left him. He said that he thought they were going to be together for the rest of his life. I think he loves her enough to let her go but he wishes she would stay.
    …and I’m sure the ache in his heart is soothed daily by random 19 year old poon.

  • First of all she is older then 28 because if you count back from birthday parties then you will remember she had a 28th birthday way back ~ she is in her 30’s plus the fact she is in a panic to have a family. Remember she wanted to be married to Hef and have his baby by 30 and it wasn’t going to happen
    Holly is very calculating as she figured if she could have his child and be married then she could become the Playboy editor so her name will be a part of Hef forever.
    She got what she wanted, she doesn’t need him anymore as she already has her name as West Coast Playboy Editor. Holly knew exactly what she was doing the entire time.
    Now, she can have her cake and icing too because she has her business, her new man, fame, and soon a baby/husband too
    All while being the editor of playboy & Hef’s ex
    As for the cake and icing ~ well men do it all the time so who can blame her but it is sooo unattractive in men and in women.
    The world is DISTURBIA in my opinion

  • lol are you people insane?? she didn’t love him – she was devoted to him, yeah, because she’s a girl from Alaska, very small town, her family wasn’t very rich…and now she has a multi-millionaire, she’s a smart girl so she wanted to have it for herfelf. she wasn’t in it only for fun, she was in it for MONEY. all the girls are with him for MONEY and fabolous life NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she had a baby with him she would be set up for life. she wouldn;’t have to do anything ..but now she fell in love with younger man, and it’s a real love, but even if he’s a millionaire he can’t give her the life she had with Hef. i don’t know if she can handle this.

  • I love the show and I would like to think this was one reality show that was not “staged”. I loved the girls, especially Holly…
    (thats my name). Showcasing that Holly has “brains” was great for young ladies who look up to her. I wish Holly well and I hope she saved some money. (wink)…


  • Well, I am watching the episode where Holly is talking about going to Jamaica for her sister’s wedding and he says “well why dont we start with a baby” and in another episode he says that him and holly ARE trying to have a baby. So, it isn’t insanity, he was in love with her and the only way he could keep her and get her to be happy again was to have a baby, he was willing to try it. in several interviews he stated they were trying but it just wasn’t happening because of his sperm count… and she was definitely not in it for the money, the girls in it for the money are the ones that come, get fame, and leave straight away. she stayed for 8 years of her life, kissing him, having sex with him, working for the magazine… Hef did not promise her a million dollars when he died, wherever you heard that was bull.