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Shanna Moakler: Out on the Town!

The former Mrs. Barker was spotted boozing it up (vodka Red Bulls, if you care) at the opening of Bardot nightclub on Saturday night, just as Travis was talking shit about her on his blog from his hospital bed.

I want to have so many different reactions to this. They range from “How insane is it that we’re back to caring about Shanna Moakler’s every move since her ex-husband almost died in a plane wreck?” to “What the fuck are you doing getting wasted when your ex-husband’s in the hospital and your children need your constant emotional support?” to “Who the hell are we to insist Shanna sit home and cry all day about this?”

I don’t know how I feel. Shanna Moakler does this to me. I never know how to feel about her actions. She is emotionally confusing to me. I always go back and forth between wanting to reprimand her and wanting to hug her.

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  • Funny. I am sure this how Travis feels. One minute, “I want to kick your a**”. The next,” let’s get married again!”

  • Well does she have to stop her life just because her EX-HUSBAND got into an accident?? I don’t think so, and even Travis said they are not even together anymore, so she can do whatever she wants and move on.

  • I don’t think I like her, she gives me a negative kind of feeling. However, I WANT that dress she’s wearing here! That dress is absolutely awesome. Damn. I want that dress.

  • i feel the same way about her. it’s so conflicting.

    but yeah– travis went out of his way to bitch about her, which is ridiculous. way to take the high rode. so if i were her, i would just say f him, and go do whatever i want. clearly travis wants nothing to do with her, so why on earth would she sit around and cry about him?

  • I think she looks odd in the face here. And the dress looks like she should be in a Meat Loaf video or something. She has nice legs.

    The prettiest I’ve ever seen her is in those recent pictures from the hospital. The one with the hair cover. Of course, she wasn’t even on my radar until then, so…