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Brand New Hair!

Lauren Conrad leaves the Warren Tricomi salon in LA with brand new hair extensions.

Now if she’d only invest in brand new jeans.

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  • This picture confuses me on many levels. For one, why is she wearing a long sleeved flannel shirt in California? Isn’t the weather in October there still like 90 degrees? Also, why is she carrying those fugly fringed boots? And lastly, what is up with the hole in her expensive skinny jeans? She should invest in some of Lindsey’s leggings with the knee pads…

  • Can we please not refer to her on a celebrity website, because myself and most of the world do not consider her one.

  • i agree with lolly, she is trying to dress like lindsay, though she is nowhere as effortless stylish.

    and i think her metablism is slowwwing down, her thighs are a lot bigger than they used to be. i have nothing against curves, i just thought she was a thin woman, not anymoree.

  • What about her alleged fall out with Audrina? Stuff on their myspaces?
    Or did you report on that and I missed it? (Sorry if that is the case, Beet!!)

  • def looks like something lindsay would wear, only less dirty. She even has the boots with the tassles on them

  • I would predict that Lauren is prettier than 99% of the skanks that rip on her. Don’t say you wouldn’t have done the same thing in her situation…she extended her 10 minutes of fame into 5 years and fattened her bank account. I think most people are just jealous. And about the toes…I better not go any further…I’ll just say, “slurp, slurp, slurp”!!

  • Can we just take a moment for me to say that I (with everything in me) completely F***ing HATE her!!!
    She is one of those too rich, spoiled little brats who SHOULDN’T be rewarded for her uselessness by getting her own show.
    I refuse to watch it!
    I mean why not make a show about someone who has done great things and made a difference in our world?
    Not her!…What has she done that is so great?
    She’s rich that’s all!!!
    And this is the message we are sending to our youth.
    Because of snotty little rich brats who are made “Gods” by things like MTV and magazines, we have little girls in the world starving themselves and spending their whole lives trying to be as useless as Lauren Conrad, instead of going out and getting an education or helping the world!!!

    What is our world coming to?!?!