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Prince Book Launch

Prince, the artist formerly known as a symbol, performed last night at a launch party for his book 21 Nights.  I thought Prince was all reclusive and ruminating and “I shun this curse of fame” but apparently he felt it was time to share his life story with the world.

Someone once told me I look like Prince.  I remember being absolutely crushed.  Because, let’s face it, Prince=not attractive and a dude.  OK this happened in the seventh grade… but I still carry the pain.  Thank you for letting me share.

Other pictures include Dennis Rodman and Tom Green theater interpretation of the bailout, wedded reality hits Howard Stern and Dave Chapelle answers the question “How many job offers have you received since walking out on Comedy Central in 2005?”

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  • he is adorable! plus he has also been so feminine looking at times, i wouldn’t take it badly. even if the person (jr. high kid) meant it as an insult. work it! lol that dave chappelle is there, everytime i see prince the first thing i think of is that charlie murphy story from chappelle’s show. hilarious.

  • Yeah agreed with khia213 although that top pic is not his best he’s far from ugly. I can’t wait for his book I’ve loved him and his music since I was 11 yrs old, quite a long while ago.

  • I have to say, wendie, you’re such a sweet writer. I’m really enjoying your posts, very funny (the Beetster made a great choice!).

    As far as Prince goes, he used to be a woman, right? I mean, like, not oficially, but he used to, right?

  • @ wendie:
    Prince was always cute in his pint-sized androdgenous boy way. I am not sure how he would look as a girl. I can see how that would cause concern around puberty time. Look on the bright side, at least no one told you that you looked like Ron Jeremy.

  • aaahh wendie u are so funny! its better than being called mick jagger in 7th grade. oops did i say that out loud… ha ha

  • I always liked him
    for his music
    for his originality
    because he played all instruments in his records
    because of his attitude when his child was born
    and tragically died
    and because he looks so portable
    I could carry him around,
    he is special.

  • Prince rocked it last nite/early morning!!!

    Prince is still, very good-looking…let’s see some of U rock it this well at 50!!!

  • suggested book title;

    ‘a midget switch hitting black dude that actually fucked kim basinger’.

    it will sell about as many copies as his last album. 34 to be exact.

  • Ive had a schoolgirl crush on him since.. well I was in school. He is bad, sexy and talented all rolled up into one tight package. Woot! I cant wait to read his book!